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I thought I would try to help out the new modders keen to update the game by uploading my kit templates that I used to make kits with way back when. (thanks csrtt815), as well as kit, logo, banner etc locations.

Now most of the hard yards have been done already by people like csrtt815, Black-Monday etc etc (sorry if I dont mention ya its 1am and im a bit tired u c) but it would be rude not to share.

the templates are photoshop psd format so make of them what you will
the location files are just plain txt, and just to warn you in the faces list it mite not make much sense coz i was going thru hundreds of faces trying to pick who they belong to and some are wrong etc but im sure itll all help.


if you're looking for tutorials theres no point asking me i cant be bothered lol sorry, trial and error is your friend

Have fun and happy modding!!

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