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Money For Marriage



Hey all,

Today the Conservatives have outlined a plan to give tax benefits to married couples (that, on an average income, would amount to about £20 a week) in the hope of promoting family values.

Here is the story in greater detail for anyone who is interested:


Personally, I think the idea is reasonable, despite the fact that is may not make a lot of difference to a large number of families, but the 'reasons' for it are appalling. The idea that a tiny reduction in tax simply for being married does not 'promote family values' and 'help to keep families together' as he tried to argue - it will make a small impact on current, stable marriages, but does not encourage marriage and family development in couples in any more than a financial sense.

He said "Britain's high rate of family breakdown was linked to a tax system that did not recognise marriage and a benefits regime discouraging couples from living together." - this 'idea' will not solve divorce rates or single parenthood, but simply encourages people who live on benefit and the state to adopt this route as well.

In my view a bigger incentive for family values would be the scrapping of inheritance tax, and the better teaching of our children. The other question is, where is this extra money being taken from?


There are 2 arguements that come out of this;

1. Those who are married or will be married soon that will see a benifit. (for)


2. Those liberal leftwing arseholes who don't like the idea just because their beloved Labour party didn't suggest it (against) or think just putting up tax across the board is a better idea (such as the silly scottish bint on Radio 2 at lunchtime today).

However those of us with half an ounce of common sense will agree this is a good idea but don't really care. The extra money would come from the expected tax rise next year (you know, we get a 2% tax rise months before the scheduled 1% drop comes into play in 2009, as per usual with these sort of things).

I agree about the inheritance tax point, but that horrible unelected tosser in number 10 would never give up his christmas bonus / EU fund that easily. I doubt any of the other corrupt ******** would ever abolish it either... :(

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