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Morgan's TV plea over Six Nations



Welsh First Minister Rhodri Morgan has urged a UK government department to ensure Six Nations rugby games are always shown live on terrestrial TV.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has A and B lists for the televising of sporting events.

A-list or "crown jewel" events must be shown live on a terrestrial channel, while only the highlights of games on the B-list must be made available.

The Six Nations is B-listed. The BBC has a deal to show games live to 2013.


Group A

Football World Cup finals
Football's European Championship finals
FA Cup final
The Scottish FA Cup final (in Scotland)
The Grand National
The Derby
The Rugby League Challenge Cup final
The Rugby World Cup final

Group B

Cricket test matches played in England
Non-finals play in the Wimbledon Tournament
All other matches in the Rugby World Cup finals
Six Nations rugby involving home countries
Commonwealth Games
World Athletics Championship
Cricket World Cup - the final, semi-finals and matches involving home nations' teams
The Ryder Cup
The Open Golf tournament

An Tarbh

sure Sky had the England home matches and the France England match up until 2003.


Rhodrhi with a decent suggestion for a change.

I tend to agree with him. To keep the awareness and the interest of the game up, it needs to be on terrestrial. Does anyone know what they base the 'lists' on? Im assuming its something to do with the forecast of the size of the viewing audience?


Its also down to the government as when channel 4 lost the rights to the cricket the government could have stepped in and made sure that cricket stayed on terrestial tv but did not.

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