Most Important Position

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Most Important Position on a rugby team

  1. Props

  2. Hookers

  3. Locks

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  5. No.8

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  6. lil Halfbacks

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  7. Flyhalf

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  8. Centres

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  9. Wings

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  10. Fullbacks

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  1. Here it is ladies and gentlemen... after some tough discussions over at a gay kicker's thread... I think its best for the whole TRF to give their point of view...
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  3. DC

    DC Guest

    its lil halfbacks like myself that make the oval world go round..
  4. 187

    187 Guest

    you can't really have a "most important position" in rugby in my view because it's a team sport. u can only have leaders. i chose 1st 5 though because they are generally known as the directors of a game.
  5. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    I think it's clearly obvious here, that the unsung heroes of the team - and without a doubt the most important players - are the wingers.

    Why has nobody vioted them yet?
  6. nez

    nez Guest

    agree with 187 cause it is a team sport. But in all honestly most rugby games start up front. That's why i picked props...remember this is coming from a guy that's played most of his rugby from fullback.


    1st 5 8th We definately are the most crucial, Everyone is important and needs to do there Job, But 1st 5's have to read the game we determine where the game is played and we are the masterminds of the game...The Generals. Rugby is a team sport though, everyone needs to do there Job.
  8. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    A fly half is nothing without a scrum half. A scrum half is nothing without a pack. The pack cannot gat anywhere alone so need the wingers. The wingers cannot be fed without the centres. The centres never get the ball without the outside half.

    No one is more important than another. Anyone who says otherwise is a <strike>communist</strike> f***ing moron.
  9. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    what about the orange boys?
  10. well if you had your choice to make one player amazing at everything, which position would that be at? I say it's either at 10 or in the back row positions. Those are probably the positions where you need to be the most mobile and skilled to play.
  11. melon

    melon Guest

    Use your brains. The answer is clearly the props. Anyone can play in the back line (i admit most people would do a **** job, but still they could do it), anyone can play flanker/#8 and second row, hooker is a bit more specialised. BUT! In a proper, contested scrum, there are only a select few in every team that can play the position of prop, properly.
  12. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    There is no position that is more 'important' than another, as a couple of the boys said, a rugby team needs both the forwards and backs functioning as a cohesive unit for them to be successful. That said, I picked the 10 simply because, along with 9, they bind the 2 forces together.
  13. the only way imo where you could say a position is better than another is when you group them. then i can confidently say that the tight 5 combo is the most important. saying this i mean, when you see a team with a f***ing awesome tight five vs a team with a **** tight five the diffrence in quallity of play is at the greatest point compared to other groupings, such as loosies, inside/outside backs etc.
  14. I always think a good scrum half and fullback are vital to attack and defence respectively.
  15. Gulli

    Gulli Guest

    evryone just as good if they give me decent ball at fullback if not then they are all rubbish :p
  16. i shud have used a different question... lol.. but yeah it is very true that a rugby team needs all the players to work as a unit.. and without it, they will crumble.. Unity in Diversity... my favourite slogan that is... but still, the backs are gay...
  17. Waterloo's coach last year, Phil Winstanley, wrote a good piece that you might chuckle at :

    “Before the game we had been given two separate changing rooms. As is usually the case the forwards and backs split. Believe me that I realised 1½ hours before kick-off I could do no more. As a coach you are always tempted to say a little bit more but on Saturday I could see that the forwards were more than in control and I resorted to spending my time stepping over hairdryers and make-up in the backs roomâ€

    Still it might be worth pointing out that a bunch of smaller guys who have to go toe-to-toe with a bunch big, big guys deserve a bit of credit.
  18. The front row are. We do the hard work in the scrum and retain the ball in open play.

    All backs are gay.
  19. toup

    toup Guest

    I'm a back and I'm not...

    ... unless by 'gay' you mean 'wears a coat'...
  20. el_tk

    el_tk Guest

    It's a team game but forwards are more important becuase they respect the ball more. We have to earn it so we don't waste it. You backs just carelessly lob it all over the place.
  21. The Forward Pack

    Eight handsome burly guys whom you'll gladly give your
    beer and food to, and you'd want to marry your
    daughter. They are intelligent, elegant, sensitive,
    and sweet. Truly the ideal men.

    The Backs

    Seven guys who will steal your beer while you're not
    looking, take advantage of your women folk, barnyard
    animals, and all tubular household objects. Often dine
    on quiche, brie cheese and wine. Been known to
    understand the rule of the ESPN Extreme games' rules.
    Regularly take blow dryers on road trips, wear bikini
    underpants, and carry STDs (AVOID AT ALL COSTS).


    Short but stout, these strapping men support the
    hooker, but no money ever changes hands and the act is
    never specificaly named.


    Often identified by a balding spot atop the head,
    these vertically challenged but talented men stand
    between the two props, and secures the ball for his
    team during scrummages.

    Second Row

    These tall powerful men are the driving engines not
    only the scrum, but of the entire game. They can be
    found working their magic from deep in the scrum,
    behind the front row, or lofting high above the line
    outs pulling balls from the air.

    The Back Row

    Usually the most handsome and intelligent, these three
    men of strength are often considered the renisance men
    of the rugby field. They not only control the ball,
    but the entire pitch. Remember, the back row defines
    the whole team's style of play.


    The point guard of the rugby team the scrumhalf
    distributes the ball, runs hits, and kicks. Scrumhalf
    is only half as handsome and burly as the pack members


    The first of those back guys, and the first of the
    offensive chain. Often confused with an insect, may be
    referred to as the man with "the foot."


    Another pair of those back guys. Either power runner,
    or annoying scampering guy usually found in the
    opposite order, but whose main purpose is to get the
    ball to ...


    Ideally the fastest men on the team. Their job is to
    "score with the ball", but they often confuse it with
    "get tackled with the ball." Also an excellent snack
    when smothered in hot sauce and deep fried.


    The last line of defense. A back even the pack can
    appreciate, often viewed as a back row in the larval
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