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Most nostaglic song

Big Ewis

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Oct 10, 2011
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What's your heart-killer, like, an assassin ninja song that goes straight for the heart. Rrrrright for it. Like, as soon as it starts playing you're "in there", you're in that place. The kind of song you just can't listen to with others because it's so profoundly intimate, the mere presence of others makes this benign.
You can name a couple, but they must be from that unique, select caliber that immediately makes you pay attention just as it plays, that song which very first notes makes your smile (if you have one) disappear.
For me its:

Tribes - Nightdriving

There are a few others that get me. More recently most of the AM album gets me (strangely enough) just based on its what I often listened to with my ex before she went back to Germany.

I think it's more the circumstances you identify with the songs. I also tend to listen to songs on repeat when I'm feeling miserable, so I think I get some kind of Pavlovian conditioning.

Interesting off topic thread Ewis.
hahahha, thought for sure I'd log back on and find a million Disney, Tele-Tubbies songs or like Will Smith's Men in Black.

Thx for your reply nick, it's always interesting for me to take in this sort of answer for various different ppl.
For me , one of the big ones is certainly:

Listened to it so many times, and yet...
Can't think of many things musical sadder than that outro solo.

:cryy: :cryy:
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Danny Boy-traditional irish song, but when sung by Johnny Cash, it gets more intense
When The Tigers Broke Free-Pink Floyd
You don´t know what you got- Cinderella
Every night in my dreams- ***anic. This one is most nostalgic song for me. I am really impressed.
From a nostalgia standpoint, it's Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady.

I was very young when this played on the tv, and at the time i was living in Luxembourg. Every time i hear this song, it's as if i'm transported back to that time.

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