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Most Overrated Players



Well, seeing as we got the ball rolling with those we feel aren't appreciated enough, let's have a look at the ones we reckon have been given undue recognition.

My number one offender in this category has to be Bulls and Bok Centre Wynand Olivier - he's done sweet f#%k all in a Bok jersey, and is a very average Super 14 player.

I'm also amazed at the continual selection of Reuben Thorne. He's rather crap.

And of course, let's not forget the highly overrated Christian Cullen, who was very lucky to have played alongside a great backline who compensated for his shitness.

Any others?

:lol2tn: I'm obviously kidding about Cullen.
Cullen wasn't an overated player!

:lol2tn: I'm obviously kidding about Cullen but I'll agree with Ruben Thorne though.
Byron Kelleher. How he keeps the New Zealand #9 jersey is a mystery to me.

Personally I also think Paul O'Connell is overated, although there may be a fair few who disagree. He's a good player, but I don't think he is a commanding enough lineout jumper to deserve the level of praise he gets. Too many wobbles when out under pressure by some of the top jumpers in the world.
I think Luke mcallister is overated

he does sweet f*** all at inside for the kiwis
I don't think many English players will be in this at the moment, 'cus noone rates any of them!!!!!!!
Gareth Thomas of Wales? For some reason, the Welsh coach thinks his crap doesn't smell. He is an average centre, average captain, average player. Miss tackles, bad passes, yet he still gets picked. I'm not his biggest fan, but surly he is a bit over rated?
Wynand Olivier for his consistent step-inside crashball tactics.

Derick Hougaard for standing 30m behind the gain line-all the time. And then kicking in any event.

Johnny Wilkinson, `cause he just can`t get a consistent run in the England team since 2003 :p

Byron Kelleher, running from touchline to touchline, taking all manner of space away from his pretty lethal outside backs

Malcolm O`Kelly- precisely what has he ever done for Ireland, except ride on O`Connell`s coattails?

Andy Farrell- geez, with the price-tag he came with, I`d have expected him to at least be able to either step or pass on occasion.
O'Gara. He's a good player but for both Munster and Ireland the pack give him an easy ride for most of the time. Put him under pressure and he will crumble e.g Scarlets in the Heineken cup
mark cueto- so overated, most of his tries count for him just falling over the line

lee bryne- terribly overated, always chipping and chasing when he could just run for god sake...

gavin henson- 1 tackle on tait, 1 penalty vs england and hes already a world class centre...

mat rogers- selected for australia many times, was only consistent doing jack all week in week out...
Fabien Pelous is over over rated.

Chabal as well, not technical at all, he has no vision neither.
:mellow: what did he just say about Chabal

you question The Great One's vision - repent I say, repent ! :bowdown:
Chabal as well, not technical at all, he has no vision neither. [/b]
The day The Great Chabal adds the vision and all-round game of Leamy, the line-out prowess of Skinstad and the pace and stepping skills of Soi`alo to his obvious strength and tackling ability, will be the day I bow. But until then, I`m with John on this one....
I would. As long as my trusted old .308 Sako Forrester hunting rifle is at hand, with his head firmly in the telescopic sites. Preferrably from 100m away. :hunt:
Dan Carter - Not saying he isn't a good player, but his international career could be summed up in one word - Armchair.
Gavin Henson is not that bad in that play. But he has more important to do with his hair and sun skin.... :)

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