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C A Iversen

Time to spend thirty days growing a foolish moustache soon. Who's up for it?

Lets find our TRF Magnum PI.
ill do it, do we start from november 1st? shave that day?

probably wont be able to see mine though as it will be 2 blonde, but who knows :)
We should make it that you can grow whatever facial hair you like, as long as it's a mo for the last day of the month.

Some people feel confident enough with a beard or goatee, but find a mo embarrassing. They might be willing to go through with it on the last day (having just the mo), but not the whole month.

So, in the interests of participation, lets allow any facial hair until the last day. You need to have a picture of that particular days paper (or some other date verification) in the shot with you.

Last day for shaving is 31st of October!

It's gonna be a mo-down.
my local pub held a comp last year, the prize was a huge amount of free ****. i so badly wanted to enter...but.... it's not in the best interests of my job

If I grow something I look like a tramp and then they will sack me from work :( so I cant enter :(
How can they sack people from work. Are we living in the Peoples Republic Of China!!!!!
hey, we do have a china man in this forum...
oh, and i dunno if i can grow anything noticeable but i'm IN!!!
Plus rep x5 for the bushiest. Rep x3 for most stylish. Plus rep x1 for entering.

Hey it doesn't matter if you can't grow much, it'll still be fun!
I'm pretty damn sure I could have a good bumfluff tash...bearing in mind I'm only 16. I want to grow a mexican moustache!

If you grow one like this I will personally give u plus 10 rep
I think I'll pass - my attempts to push through a transfer in work might be foiled if I look like WG Grace.
i was listening to the Rock FM this morning and they were saying that this year MOvember is being used for prostate cancer thing. kinda like what the chicks do with breast cancer

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