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Munster line up against Llanelli



Munster: 15 Shaun Payne, 14 John Kelly, 13 Thomas O'Leary, 12 Tever Halstead, 11 Ian Dowling, 10 Ronan O'Gara, 9 Peter Stringer, 8 Anthony Foley (captain), 7 David Wallace, 6 AN Other, 5 Donnacha O'Callaghan, 4 Paul O'Connell, 3 John Hayes, 2 Jerry Flannery, 1 Marcus Horan.
Replacements: 16 Denis Fogarty, 17 Federico Pucciariello, 18 Trevor Hogan, 19 John O'Sullivan, 20 Jeremy Manning, 21 Christian Cullen, 22 Mike Mullins.

I'd like to draw everyone's attention to the number 6 on that list. Is this a joke?
It's commonly used in irish (or perhaps somewhere else as well) when teams have yet to decide on which player is picked for a certain position. Usually dependent on last minute fitness tests or whatever. Usually if one of the subs is promoted to the starting lineup they will wear their substitutes number (16, 17, 18 etc) and nobody will wear the AN Other's number.
well yeah but it would have been his first game back after his shoulder injury.

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