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Munster v Edinburgh


An Tarbh

Surprised this one isn't being shown live yet the Borders Leinster match is, strange decision there Setanta. I'd expect Munster to win this one fairly comprehensively especially coming on the back of that Leinster defeat. Last time you want to be facing Munster is after a defeat.

Barry Murphy's return should give the Munster backline a serious attacking platform, his partnership with Halstead should work quite well and take a bit of pressure off O'Gara as well. John Hayes comes in for his first start of the season as well, should certainly make a difference in the lineout.

Hogg is a huge loss for Edinburgh, he's replaced by David Callum, while Hugo Southwell comes in a fullback and Matt Mustchin in the second row.

Munster: S Payne, T O'Leary, B Murphy, T Halstead, I Dowling, R O'Gara, P Stringer; M Horan, F Sheahan, F Pucciariello, D O'Callaghan, P O'Connell, D Leamy, D Wallace, A Foley.

Edinburgh: H Southwell, C Paterson (captain), M Di Rollo, R Dewey, S Webster, P Godman, M Blair, A Jacobsen, D Hall, A Dickinson, M Mustchin, S Murray, A Strokosch, D Callam, A MacDonald. Replacements: A Kelly, C Smith, D Hewett, F Pringle, C Laidlaw, S Cross, D Hodge.

Referee: Phil Fear (WRFU)
I wouldn't be so sure that Munster will win 'comprehensivley'. We're a very good side, we're unbeaten in our last 4 games and we've had a rest weekend. Should be a close match. Munster won't run away with it.
i think munster will win by at least 12 points, could be a cricket score if they get the ball rolling.
I wouldn't be so sure that Munster will win 'comprehensivley'. We're a very good side, we're unbeaten in our last 4 games and we've had a rest weekend. Should be a close match. Munster won't run away with it.

Well Edinburgh have a poor record against Munster, add to that that you're playing Munster when they've something to prove as well doesn't help. Rest weekend won't really help imo as you might be slow out of the gates which could be costly.
We're 14-3 up just now. Not the walkover you guys thought it would be...

21-10 now, but Paterson has gone off with a leg injury, the suber sub that is Slam' Duncan 'Funkin Hodge is on in his place (I presume he's moved to 10, Godman to 13, Di Rollo to 14). A bonus point is a mibees.....
Full Time.

Munster 10 - 21 Edinburgh

So a comprehensive victory for Munster eh? Pffffffff! Maybe people will recognise Edinburgh as one of the best teams in the league now.
ive always thought munster were good, and with mr.celtic warrior in charge they have a good chance, the fact is tht im shocked by the result, i would have expect munster to have steam rollered most sides in the league, even my beloved ospreys, so hats of to the gunners.
I think their problem is having so many internationalists. They were missing most their squad at the start of the campaign, and are now taking time to gel. I read the Beeb's report and they were very average, we just took advantage of that. This result, coupled with the Reivers v's Leinster result, really make the league interesting. We've picked up points in every game, and bar the Ospreys and Connacht game (both discipline issues really) we've looked solid, and having only beaten once when you've played teams like Ospreys, Leinster, Ulster and Munster is not too bad.
Granted but the big thing for the Gunners is can they transform top5 form into really contending for the ***le. There was nothing wrong with expecting the European Champions to comprehensively beat any ML opposition at home.

But I will make one point and there's nowhere near the level of intensity in a Leinster Munster game that there is in a Borders Leinster or Munster Edinburgh match. That's no excuse just a fact.
yeah i see what you mean an tarbh,

ive noticed that when any side plays a scottish side there just seems to be a lack of intensity. although i think the gunners are diff, they do bring an attacking game to the table. glasgow and the borders usually play very defensive, and its hard then for the big sides like the ospreys to get motivated, as them game just becomes falt

anyways the real deal kicks of next week, whoose gunners got, agen?

thatll be tough if rupeni decides to turn up
and they've just lost at home for the first time this season, so prime for the taking maybe
Well it's going to be a weekend of sitting in a pub watching the HC! Cannae beat it!