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Munster v Leinster


An Tarbh

Both teams are still at the mindgames in the buildup to this game with Cheika naming 6 either/ors and Munster naming 3 of their own.

Contepomi has been named as one of them but the surprising thing is that Sexton will start instead of Dunne which is a bit of a worry in a game this big but understandable from Cheika, there's nothing to lose for Leinster as we're expected to come away with nothing so all the pressure is on Munster in that respect plus our must win game is on New Year's Eve.

Should be a decent game but Leinster will be doing well to restrict Munster from getting the bp and maybe even getting a losing bp.
Intense game there despite what the scoreline might suggest, Munster really taking control in the second half, indiscipline costing Leinster big time and no better man in the Magners League than Ronan O'Gara to punish indiscipline.
Yeah, intense, but kinda disappointing.

Munster showed no improvement out the backs. Their backrow was awesome - I think there were four turnovers in the second half, when the Leinster backs went into contact.

Leinster backs strangely subdued, preferring to go with Hickey's giant kicking. I hope Dempsey's ok. And they were playing russian roulette with Contepomi. The scrum was hard to judge: Munster had three in a row on Leinster's 22 - the first two they powered forward only to be reset, and Leinster wheeled the third and mucked up Leamy.

Just coming up to half time, Leinster gave away great position with an ankle stamp. Then I was thinking the winners would score before the break - and both teams kicked penalties within a minute! And ROG had one of his screwiest miskicks of all time, when the ball went into touch sideways. But put up a lovely garryowen to welcome Kearney at full back.

Leinster are hamstrung by the pack's need to give penalties away. Munster will have to find an alternative way of scoring against a pack that doesn't give away penalties and doesn't crumple in the rolling maul.
Dempsey is a bit of a worry alright, although according to Mark Robson it is he who is pushing Geordan Murphy for the full back spot. Here's an idea Mark, look at the starting lineup for the SA match, that was the full strength team not the Aussie match.
dempsey is an old man.

i'll have to get this one and watch it, its a shame the score line felt that we could at least earn a BP, if not a win.
dempsey is an old man.

Meaning what exactly, that he should retire and let our fortunes rest on Geordan Murphy, no thanks, it's been proven that Murphy is not an international full back, something I wouldn't have thought about a year or so ago but given the work that's gone on at Leinster, Knoxy has really got something extra of Girv.

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