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MUP 09 Public Vote



Hi all.

The MUP 09 patch is nearly ready, but i have one dilemma which is more about the users of the patch, rather than for myself. The issue is listed below, with some options. Please say which option you like best, and then i can see what is popular and what is not, before i make it in the patch.

The Issue: What graphics to use for ERC Domestic Season / World League?

At the moment, i have grouped the teams into the 4 divisions so there is a fully playable Guinness Premiership, Top 14 (-2), Magners League (+2) and what i can best describe as a Euroleague, which is mainly italian teams.

I can either make the World League with the generic graphics i made, or i can make add-ons for those groups so you can play a full season. But of course, after the 1st season, the teams will mix up and mess it all up. It's a real dilemma.

So, please choose your best option.

a ) Have add-ons for real leagues with real league graphics, but playable for 1 season.
b ) Leave the format in the groups, but with generic graphics.

Please choose and add your post here.


I think we would all like a full season mode, that has all the stats and that stuff like other games like fifa, madden, nhl, nba etc.. and i can mod the World League files so you have let's say the Guinness Premiership with Premiership goalpads (stadiums are nothing to do with World League graphics) and i can change the pitch logo, and all the other graphics (Guinness Premiership ball etc) so you actually have a proper licensed full season.

The problem is that after 1 season, you have promotion and relegation so you get mixed up groups again, and then the mod falls apart.

It's just i think there is strong argument for having a more realistic mode.. but also i appreciate you can't really play a career mode for 1 season. So we need to find a compromise.

I will try to disable the promotion and relegation settings, and then release add-on mods for Top14 (-2), Magners League (+2) and the Italian League with other teams thrown in at a later date. If i can stop the groups mixing, then we have a nice little mod going on.

I want to release MUP09 with the Guinness Premiership as default Division 3. Unfortunately, i cant make any of the other teams playable from other divisions unless i switch them all to Div 3, which is 12 teams only.. so that's why you have a the Top12, extended Magners League and then the Euroleague.


Yes, i have jazzed them up.. it's now got new logos and all that stuff, but the actually in-match graphics is what i am talking about.

Maybe i can post some screens, and show you what i mean. Bascially, the World league mode plays like a full season, but as you can only play Div 3 you don't get a promoted team, just a relagated team. Instead if making it like a competition, i am trying to make each div 3 with it's own real-life league mod (Top14, GP, Magners, Super10) so it's like looking at Sky Sports News or something.

I can even change the names of the leagues. But there would be an actual add-on for each league, as oly one is playable.

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