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Discussion in 'EA Rugby 08' started by Fa'atau82, Jan 10, 2010.

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    ...::: Welcome to the official MUP Rugby10 World Club Edition Thread :::..

    This is my personal project.. as it is the fruition and culimination of the next versions of MUP '09 incorporated into my existing (but not finished) Currie Cup, Air New Zealand Cup and Legends Patches. It is designed to cater to everyone.

    What's new?

    5 Currie Cup teams: Western Province, Natal Sharks, Blue Bulls, Golden Lions and Free State Cheetahs.
    5 ANZ Cup teams: Auckland, Canterbury, Wellington, Waikato and Otago.
    14 Super14 teams: As the original game, but with a complete graphics update (kits, minikits, scoreboard, logos etc)
    14 Legends teams: New Zealand 1987 and 1996, Australia 1991, South Africa 1995, England 1993, France 1987 and 1993, Scotland 1990, Wales 1994, Ireland 1994, Italy 1995, Western Samoa 1991, Fiji 1987 and Argentina 1995 (will have a roster, retro home and away kits, logos, graphics etc)

    The Guinness Premiership is complete. Bristol are not in the game in this edition.
    The Heineken Cup is complete. It will feature ALL of the clubs of Europe's top club competition.
    The TOP14 is revised, and i have just updated the 7 best clubs of TOP14 (in my opinion) for this season. These are: Stade Francais, Toulouse, USA Perpignan, Clermont Auvergne, Racing Metro 92, RC Toulon and Biarritz. These original teams of Castres and Bourgoin are now replaced.

    Latest Developments:</span>

    At the moment, the patch is the base of MUP '09, but with the extra teams added to the game. There will a full, and complete graphics update of kits, minikits, logos and all relevant menu graphics.

    Menu Graphics: Progress 80%
    A full graphics update of logos and menu graphics will feature in the new patch. This is mostly done, apart from adding the minikits.

    Rosters: Progress 60%
    The base roster of MUP '09 has been used for this patch, and it will feature at least 26-30 man squads for all teams. National teams have been updated to the last squads announced for all teams from Samoa, to Namibia as well as all the NEW and existing teams in the patch.

    >>>>>>> Legends Roster: Progress 0% (will be started mid-Jan 2010)
    <span style="color:#0000ff">The Legends teams will have a seperate roster as the roster cannot have more than the players it allows in the original game.

    That is all for the time being. I will also add some new mods, like the update for the mud textures in HD etc.

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