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My blog for my studies


Hi guys, this is the blog (in french) i made for my studies. I'm a student in a journalism school. We are 4 to wirte on this blog. So please visit it and share it if you liked. Thanks a lot :)

I like the look of it, @racingmetro92. I am still learning the basics of the French language and enjoy reading up anything rugby related in French so I'll read the rugby sections (with a dictionary nearby), thank you. And good luck with your studies!
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You can read everything ahah. Our goal is to speak about sports events/clubs/players which are not so mediatized in our opinion. But I don't we will write a lot about rugby. I'm the only interested by rugby in the crew ;)
Hey guys !! Don't hesitate to go on it, there is an itw of Mam Jaiteh, one of the biggest NBA prospect ;)
the rugby stuff is nice, enjoyed piecing together the Massy article in my broken french, they are doing well... the Bastereud footage is interesting.
We added some contents this week :
- an interview of a journalist from L'Equipe about World Handball Championship in Qatar : https://lapassenretrait.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/olivier-paquereau-tout-les-signaux-sont-au-vert/
- an interview of Jerome Rothen (former Monaco, PSG and Glasgow Rangers player, and french international) : https://lapassenretrait.wordpress.c...n-devenir-une-reference-en-tant-quentraineur/
- an interview of the president of one of the Hoffenheim fanclub : https://lapassenretrait.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/qui-aurait-predit-quils-affronteraient-le-bayern/

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