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My Dream Rugby game



what do you guys think about this for a dream rugby game.

- fully licensed just like the Fifa and Madden games.
- awesome gameplay.
- great commentary (preferably with Bill McClaren)
- Zurich Premiership and Powergen Cup
- Celtic League, Celtic Cup (and Welsh Premiership, but would never happen)
- Heineken Cup and Parker Pen Challenge Cup.
- French Top 16
- Super 12
- NPC Championship
- Currie Cup
- World 7's Series
- Six Nations
- Tri Nations
- World Cup
- Churchill Cup
- Lions Tour
- Islanders Tour
- Barbarians end of Season Tour
- NZ Maoris
- 'A' Teams
- Classic Teams such as Wales 78, NZ 87, Australia 99, SA 95 and England 03
- Classic Players
- Create a Team and Create a Player
- Crowd songs, anthems, war dances etc.
- Loads of Stadiums
Nice one mate a lot of thought. possibly a ps3 production? on the new blu-ray disc? that would be sweet - all of that stuff AND great gameplay like 2005 has.
ye thatd b kool as cept it would take ages 2 develop aye n plus would b so massive a game haha ud hope not 2 hav slow loadtimes
I like to add one thing :

Carreer Mode like madden's Franchise.

- Manage your team for 50 years
- ability to play or simulate games
- Buy, sell players
- find new talents: Find the next Tana Umaga and help him become the new rugby star with practice & player progression.
- owner mode : makes you deal with the econonomics too (ticket prices and stuff)
- stats (season and carreer for every player)
- Hall of fame ( keeps track of best players for your club over the 50 years of play)
- Player personnal reactions : bench a player for too many weeks and he might want to move to another team........

This type of features add to the replay value, to me there is nothing better than spotting a player in the draft and make him become the best ever ( In Madden 2005) .
If i could do this in rugby 2006 that would be awesome.

I like the classic teams too.......
it would be great to unlock classic teams and have classic games feature or situation mode in which you can create your own game situations.
hmm i h8 financial side of it like tickets n stuff but buying n selling playas just that financial stuff sound wel ye good at 1st just crapy cuz i personaly would get annoyed wit doing it cuz i would go bankrupt lol
sad thing is that its just a dream
Originally posted by kinkon89@Feb 12 2005, 11:49 PM
sad thing is that its just a dream
nah this is something too look forward too bro
...after we buy out stocks of rugby05..worldwide ea's gonna look and and see a new cash earner and hopefully get to a point like in nba live 05 where they got nothing better to add then a lame dunk contest....
I want FIFA licensing with Pro Evo gameplay, only for rugby. Surely not too much to ask?
Yeah, it will just take some time for the franchise to settle down. Just look how improved the game is in comparison of last year sorry excuse for a game.
Even long time franchise are still drastically improving. If you look at Madden, it took 15 years to EAsports to provide a top notch defensive AI.......

So maybe it doesn't sound realistic to think about having a complete rugby game with all possible leagues, management features etc...........but maybe in 2, 3 or 15 years will get there.

Speaking about a dream rugby game, i'd like to add another "dream" feature

- Create a play : Tactical editor in wich you can create tactics from scrums, lineout and for your backline and use them in the game. (Imagine transposing your own team tactics into the game, that would be a chance to explain your coach why some of his plays never work on sunday...........hehe)

- Player lock : you would be able to play only one guy on the team. This feature is in PES4 and, also it demands some time to adapt the way you play, it's a lot of fun.
I think you's all got hit by a Brian Lima Torpedo!!!! Maybe one day we will get all that we wish for, but for now, try shake it off and get ready for what many are saying is a gud game, but not quite perfect!!!!
there cud be a debate as to which console the yearly games will come on.

which one will they go for?...or will they do wat they did with soccer meaning fifa came out on both ps2 and psOne
yea i wud just like the same type of control over ur team and players like madden..
u kno how u can set how u want ur defence to respond... like defend more to the pass than the run, attack more by passing or running... that wud be real gud in a rugby game...
and then there is the player management, like u can make ur QB scramble more or look to stay in the pocket.. like u cud make ur each player do more of this or that, like hav ur No8 be a ball runner or more of a secure the ball type of dude... hav a 2nd 5 that crashes the ball like tu'itupou or sidesteps more like alatini.. u kno? that wud be bloody awesum!!!! and adopt the SJRL kicking style
yea from the sounds of it 05's kicking engine is the same!! that suxs!! bounced like a f@#kd up bouncy ball!!
nah the bounce looks cool, just like a real rugby ball... bounces everywhere but neva wea u want it to... "sumtimes" tho you'll get that magical bounce which is just perfect.. i quite like the unpredictablity of the bounce
ya know wats a good idea......if we all made an interactive world cup!

we all meet up n vs eatchother!
Hmm. Talk of PS3?

Then I'd like to add something.
Unlockable: Archive footage

eg. Best RWC trys.
Claswsic games etcv etc etc.
Dont worry guys. The developers for EA are going to wonder how to use the power of the PS3. They just announced the chip can easily go over 4.0 Ghz with eaze and is 10 Times faster than the fastest PC going around. Note that the fastest Pentium is 3.8Ghz and Intel couldnt produce a Processor over 4.0Ghz due to heating issues.

This what i would like to see.

- Quick Line Outs ala JLR when the ball is caught out of play
- Make your own Setplays for Backs and forwards
- Special moves for each player, meaning more depth. Rokocoko Spin Vs Lomu Fend.
- Smother Tackle like JLR, for Mauls.
- Start your own Mauls anytime.
- In a smother Tackle, the attacking team drives straight over the tackler and the Attacker to create a ruck or vice versa.
- Offloading between Forwards
- Pick n go a set play for Forwards
- Clean Turnovers at Rucks. Especially when your isolated. My idea for this is: as soon as a player has made a Tackle you press X so he gets up to try and steal the ball. For the attacking team you Press x to clean him out as well. Now usally it takes 2 players to take out a Openside Flanker from stealing the ball, so the attacking user will Press X twice for this to happen. This will give total control the users rather than the AI deciding when you can lose the ball.
- Create a limit of 5 players from each team into a Ruck. The exception being when a Defending team is trying to Steal the ball, allowing them 6.
- Be able to remove players from the ruck.
- Cleaning out the oppostion in defence or Drive right over the ball at Ruck time to cause a Turnover: example when the attacking team has only 2 players in support and the player with the ball gets tackled by the defender and the defending team outnumbers them by 4 they should be able to clean out the Attackers at the ruck and win a clean turnover.
- Finally a Kicking arrow like JLR instead of the Arches in Rugby 2005. Really keep the animations in R2005 but use an Arrow for direction. Also a button for chips over the and up n unders when running at full speed without losing any pace.

Here is the link to the PS3 Processor, i cant believe a console will have more power than a PC. But the Cell chip will be used in all future PC's anyway. Let me know what you think.

yea my dream rugby game will cum out on PS3 with all the features that madden has plus ur ideas jon webb.. i like that idea how each player will hav a special attribute.. wilkonson will abviously hav the boot, collins the bone crunching tackle..

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