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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Inertia, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Inertia

    Inertia Guest

    Well ****** off with all these kicking problems in Classic 2 I decided to bite the bullet and try Sideview.

    Jeez, what a difference. I can actually drop kick outside the 22 [​IMG] and field kicking goes much further.

    Whats worse is the amount of line breaks I was managing to make through the diffence.

    I recommend (so far), that anyone dead set on Classic 2 should try and get to grips with the sideview.
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  3. Padz

    Padz Guest

    damn, thats gay, i like classic view
  4. jgough

    jgough Guest

    Yeah, side views great.

    I've been playing it since the start and I don't understand why people like the classic view so much.

    Jamie Gough
  5. is there any like the default on on jlr? because that was the best one, east terriaces from my memory
  6. jgough

    jgough Guest

    Heh, yeh, that was a goodie sambad.

    If I were EA I would have an angle (slight ajustment to the side view) that as you make a break the camera should slightly rotate (ever so), just enough so you can see a bit father down field and see where the fullback is a bit better.

    But I'm not EA, alas.

    Jamie Gough
  7. hurricane13

    hurricane13 Guest

    yea da side veiw is awesome but yea u cant c da fullback witch really sux coz as soon as he cums in 2 pik its 2 l8 2 try a step or sumfing just hope he cant tackle!!!!!
  8. umagă

    umagă Guest

    there are advantages and disadvantages with everything in life im afraid [​IMG]
  9. lazy_chesnut

    lazy_chesnut Guest

    Put the radar on then.

    Muppet! [​IMG]
  10. hurricane13

    hurricane13 Guest

    yea tried dat but the screen feels 2 cramped up!!! dosent worry me
  11. Inertia

    Inertia Guest

    any chance you can write in English next time? It' slike trying to decipher a 5 year old.
  12. hurricane13

    hurricane13 Guest

    how bout using ur brain ********
  13. umagă

    umagă Guest

    come on boys. no fighting. wheres the karma.
  14. hurricane13

    hurricane13 Guest

    yea il b da grown up here sorry bout dat guys!!! im jus watchin da 7s highlights fiji are carving up
  15. Black|Raven

    Black|Raven Guest

    yey.....fiji won!

    btw sideview rules [​IMG]
  16. Inertia

    Inertia Guest

    it's not my fault you have the literacy of a young child. you sound like a twat.
  17. Inertia

    Inertia Guest

    yeah you be the grown up and go back to English class and learn how to manage your vocab and style to something that resembles an adult. [​IMG]
  18. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    seriously though mate, it is hard to read when you write like your using a mobile phone... It makes you sound dyslexic aswell.
    Just try and get used to typing whole words now otherwise it'll come back to bite you if you ever plan on going to uni. Seriously.
  19. hurricane13

    hurricane13 Guest

    firstly i dont need 2 go 2 english classes coz it aint my no1 language okay MAORI is my no1 language so sorry if its not good enuff 4 u wen i signed up 2 be on this forum it didnt say i had 2 be a good english speller so u have fun @ english class, and sanzar im @ uni buddy [​IMG]
  20. Jester

    Jester Guest

    I always use sideview and im slowly gettin the hang of drop goals but i think one with a slight angle on it would make the kicking easier.

    Slightly off topic has anyone played a match using broadcast view? i tried it for a min and it looked really good it was much closer but that also made it harder to kick etc
  21. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    For some reason I started on Classic 2. I can make drop goals with Mehrtens from right outside the 10m line and can get a 20 to 20 kick.

    With all this talk about the benefits of sideview I may have to give it a go... back to normal from hard till I sort it out though...

    Here's a query... does the wind make a difference for punting and drop goals? I've found it makes a noticeable difference in conversions and penalties.
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