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My impressions



I got to play the game today for quite a while and have to say its not what i thought it would be, its not that its a bad game theres just something dissatisfying about it.
I think this is down to 2 things (so far i have played and won a european cup on normal, and had 1 quick foray on intensive care), it doesnt really feel like the opposition have any ideas, and equally i felt like i didnt have any/didnt need any to break them down, you just find yourself resorting to wcr passing styles e.g. spring into a gap, and then at the next ruck keep putting it to either wing until you get to the line, it doesnt really ever feel like your gonna lose the ball either. In defence, when the opposition finally get the ball its unfuriating, all your players run ridiculous defensive lines and make tackling really awkward and just leaves massive overlaps...this could just be me being **** but i never feel like (i'd say ive conceded about 4/5 tries in all) ive been broken down by skill just been undone by my own side!
The rucking system seems good but in attack its very easy to keep recycling possession, in defence if you try to recycle and put to many in they exploit the gaps...i guess this is why if you put lots in on attack you always win cos the defence is holding back.
The new kicking system seems really good, but as i havent seen one penalty yet (except against me for off the ball tackles) its only needed for conversions, so as per jlr i find myself taking kicks from ridiculous angles/distances!
Scrummaging and mauls: the new timing system is good and adds something different but can be distracting! The radar in the game should be at the bottom, but its on the top right which makes it pretty useless.
Training: is fun, british bulldog is a great idea, if there was a good radar and if you could choose your player this could be a game in itself! The other trainings are good fun to.
Passing: the new offload system is excellent, you'll find yourself losing the ball alot at first because you'll keep trying it but as it is effectively a pop out of tackle when you pick up the timing and are aware of when the pop is available its a great new tool. Sadly, the ridiculous reverse bend passes are in.
Tackling: the murder tackle seems to be out, you can build it up and do a big one i think but i havent really done it, its wierd but the x tackle seems to do some horror tackles (probably dumps and spears etc occur too much) anyway but the ball isnt really dropped out of tackles anymore which is much improved. Also there feels like a hint of rugby 2005 set-animation issues and players stopping running if they break a tackle very occassionally.

When you get the game its worth looking in options and controls cos there is somethings i didnt realised till late which are actually useful, such as putting someone in the pocket, and a different type of tackle and a few other things.

old time rugby: couldve been good but its the modern squads so seems pointless.

i havent really ventured into anything southern hemisphere yet but the impression i get is names and appearances arent relevant to the players atall.
sound: i dont really think the commentary is that bad but there is no atmosphere to speak of so it feels abit wierd.

all in all i really dont know what to make of it, i need more time, im desperately trying to enjoy it but something doesnt feel right, the running feels really responsive whereas other aspects of it dont. Its really hard to explain how im feeling about this and im currently completely undecided, attacking seems too easy, defending too hard (or too easy if you make easy turnovers), its a really wierd balance. I'll post anything else as i come up with it. I also havent had a chance to play multiplayer and im not really sure what it would play like cos of the defensive issues (again this may be down to shitness!)
cant get over how much fun british bulldog is! ive also just changed the camera angle to one behind the players and it seems a hell of alot better (just in training) so i'll report back again in abit.
ok, lora ive been given it by a mate temporarily so im cramming playing in tonight!

I've been playing a guiness premiership with bath on intensive care, and with the camera on far end spinning...its a ridiculous amount better, the game is enjoyable like this, yards are much harder to come by and the goal line defence of the computer is excellent. sadly im still getting ridiculously annoyed with my own defense which stand far too deep (even when th opposition is on your goal line) and seems to drift in slightly confusing ways! i'm sure there is a way im meant to be defending that im just not understanding! would love some hints!?

also, training, like virtua tenniss trainings but better, by far the best part of the game!great fun! and swordfish deserve alot of credit for the huge amount of features in this game.
good to hear paddy

how long have you had it by the way?
i.e do you think that it would take time to master (how the game likes to be played) and so nulify the couple of flaws in the game?
ive had since this afternoon and been playing it pretty solidly since. Im still really undecided, i love training, its like the madden training camp mini games, but its just infuriating me that i dont really feel like i have any chance on defence, i'd be interested to hear from the others if they had this problem and if theyve solved it cos its bloody annoying at the moment!
paddyknight - what representative teams are in RC2006?

Are the Barbarians, Lions and Islanders included in the game? (and if so, can they - or any international team in the game - have their starting squad changed to include players of your own choice? (or do you have to just change the player names?)
lions are in classics, i assume they are unlockable aswell and then you can play them in friendlies. islanders i havent seen yet, nor barbarians, and i can't imagine in the case of the barbarians with the licenses they would be in cos you wouldnt know who anyone was...appearances are nothing like real.
ive been playing it abit more and i just cant get over how annoying the defense is, its infuriating if they are close in to your line theres not a great deal you can do, in contrast when you attack the defense is how you would want it for your team!

if any one susses it out please tell me!

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