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My Modding Guide To Rugby 06



This is just a quick Rugby 2006 editing tutorial also note there may be better easier ways to do things but this is how i go about it

The following things will be needed to make logo's, kits etc

1. Rugby 2006 for PC

2. Programs to edit/extract .gob, .big, .fsh files

bigGUI, FshED you may also want to get DOLFFIN Live
(for FshED also download all the plugins like graphics importer, because its needed)
All available HERE

3. Image editing programs like adobe photoshop or paint shop pro are great, but free programs like GIMP are ok

4. Patience and skill

Install Rugby 2006 to your hard drive default usually is C:\Program Files\EA Sports\EA SPORTS Rugby 06

Install the programs you downloaded ie bigGUI, FshED DOLFFIN (although some just run from the .exe instead of installing)

Start up bigGUI and select FILE/OPEN and in the open box change Files Of Type to All Files

locate this file data.gob which is here C:\Program Files\EA Sports\EA SPORTS Rugby 06\Data by default and open it up

now you can extract any file you want, or all of them if you want, just highlight the files and select EDIT/EXPORT, and choose where you want them to go, just create a seperate folder somewhere.

First of all find your files you just exported, lets start with a kit file for Toulouse Home 185e5b1413336cc8fb1d3592fc1236e6.big
since this is a .big file you must extract the .fsh from it.

There is a couple of ways using bigGUI with the same method as above or with DOFFLIN, now I've only just started using it but it is a great program.
With DOFFLIN you can just export the .fsh inside the .big as a .png for editing and whack it straight back in (although some fsh files dont show properly so fshED and bigGUI are the only way to go)
it also creates a backup of the original file when you edit it.

Lets use DOFFLIN

You can just drag and drop the .big file straight into DOFFLIN

Now select FILE/EXPORT BLOB and save as png
open this png file up in you're image editing program and change what you need and save it as a png

Back in DOFFLIN choose FILE/IMPORT BLOB and find the png file you just edited and import it

on doing this it will create an auto backup of the original unedited file 185e5b1413336cc8fb1d3592fc1236e6.bak.big in the same folder as the original
and the 185e5b1413336cc8fb1d3592fc1236e6.big file is now the edited version.


Just drop the edited file into your games install directory where the Rugby06.exe is C:\Program Files\EA Sports\EA SPORTS Rugby 06 by default
and you should have a modded kit

I'll try and get around to doing a fshed one unless someone else can help
I understand how to view, extract from and create big files. But the only thing I need help on for creating kits is that I don't understand how the kit fsd file is layed out. I mean it's all just one squashed image and I can't really tell whats what apart from the shirt.

Could someone please single out each part of the kit image to show whats what, e.g. where the socks, shorts are ect... I am quite good with graphics in photoshop so I think I could do well making kits.

I use Eagraph, FshEd, BigGUI, Dragon UnPAKer 5, viv_wizard i use paint shop pro 7.4 to do the layering and masking of my kits and all GFX i cant get a grips with photo shop lol so i stick with what i know best!

Will give you my guid as soon as i can get around to typing it all with pics, but EVOL is more than helpfull guid is enough to start anybody off

Good Work M8 :bravo:

more help people can get the better everybody will contribute. . . . .
I just need a guide showing what makes up the kit fsh image file. I mean the socks, shirt and shorts (and whatever else there is) are all together in one image. If someone could label each part of a kit template that would help.

Here is aTemplate to 1 of the kits there are 3 kits with different collars but you can go off of this 1 to get the just of it. . . . . .
Thanks thats what I wanted. Do I have to keep each part within its border. Also it all looks a little squashed, but I guess the game renders it ok.
Originally posted by aaron118@Mar 4 2006, 12:30 PM
Thanks thats what I wanted. Do I have to keep each part within its border. Also it all looks a little squashed, but I guess the game renders it ok.
As long as you are more or less within the lines then you should be ok just remember when doing the front shirt, squash your desigens a bit so when the game renders the fsh file onto the *.o 3D map it renders ok. if you know what i mean?
here are my 3 teplates all are white so it makes it easier to colour the kits.