My Playstation 2 is knackered!

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by St Helens RLFC, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. It keeps making scratching noises and just generally wont load games up, or if it does, it freezes on a loading screen.

    Anyone any ideas?
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  3. Bull

    Bull Guest

    Yes buy a new one.
  4. question: do you own gta:sa? if you do, sell the game and buy a new lazer for your ps2. otherwise, buy a new one. ive gone through 3. one (the first one) second hand, and 2, one destroyed due to gta sa. evil game. - and through my experiances, ive found it cheaper to buy a new ps2, than to try fix it. if you try to fix it, its about $100 for them to say its "fixed" and another $100 to actually get it fixed. so the extra money to buy a new one saves a lot of time and fustration.

    oh and if you do buy a new one, throw the old one in the pool
  5. Tell you what, why don't you pay for it? I obviously want it repairing.


    Yea PLAYSTATION 2's have a life span of 2 yrs LOL,ive swapped mine in once and my new one ive had for a yr and some,and it's about had it(cant watch all the DVD's that worked before or play PS1 games).Over here after the yr warranty you can go to Sony and trade it in for a new 1 but you have to pay 100 bucks,that's after the 1 yr warranty of course where you would get a new 1 for free.
  7. Sounding like a wait for the PS3 then, tbh. It sounds like mine has done well, 4 years nearly it has lasted.
  8. Mine did that too, I opended up case and stuff and cleaned lens and loaded like in a few seconds. Basically it worked like new.

    Get an Xbox instead [​IMG]
  9. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    I would say clean the lens but if it is making scrathcy noises then it sounds like maybe something is loose where the CD wheel rotates (at least the wheel still goes around) or you need to adjust the height of the lens if the lens is scratching against the CD. Therefore you:

    1. Open it up so that you can see the lens (oh........don't forget to turn off the power).

    2. You will see a little white wheel with little notches around its circumference (did I use the right word?) looking thing at the end of the laser positioning apparatus. This is the height adjuster for the lens. Turn it around clockwise and it will raise the default height of the lens. To go back to the start (lowest position) you just keep turning it and it will eventually click and fall back down.

    3. The lens height is crucial for reading the disk. Different heights will bring different results. Some heights only read certain types of discs. If I can remember rightly the black discs were the easiest to read and the gold discs were the hardest. Silver was like semi hard. Unfortunately due to the fact that lens and lasers are subjective to lots of factors there is therefore NO recommended height for each PS2. It is trial and error.

    4. You can experiment by selecting a height, placing the CD cover back on (no need to screw it in) inserting a disk (recommend starting with a silver disk PS2 game) and seeing if it loads. If it doesn't load then adjust the wheel 2 notches (going higher - closer to the CD) and try again..........then again, etc.

    5. If you are successful with this then you can try the dreaded GOLD CDs (those massive PS2 games like GTASA) to see if it works. Basically if you can load a top end game then you should be able to load the smaller black CDS (PS1). With DVDs it is hard to find the optimal mark that allows loading for DVDs and Gold CD games. If the laser is fairly good you should be able to find a height that is optimal for both. If the laser is quite worn then you may unfortunately only find a height that supports either opne of the other but not both. With your PS2 being 4 years old this already does not sound too promising but then again you might get lucky. You are already lucky having the worlds oldest functioning PS2.

    If this doesn't work then it means your laser has well and truly reached the end of the line and has basically lasered itself out. Therefore get a new laser if you are desperate and want to play games now.

    Otherwise play on your XBox while you wait for the next generation consoles. DO NOT buy another secondhand PS2 (more problems with old lasers) and if you REALLY want another PS2 then get it brand new online.

    ...........disregard all this if you have won lotto.
  10. Thank you GG, I may well have a try of that later on.
  11. Its work searching for some walkthrough's aswell. Not that GG was good enough, its interesting to see what others did and stuff.

    WARNING white tape/cable on roof of case is a bas$&*d if you pull it out of the drive, if you do then you will have to faff about pushing it back in and you don't need that.
  12. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    i had a problem with my ps2, i couldn't play games at all, it wouldn't load them up andmake noises and such. also i couldn't play dvds or anything maybe every now and again a game would load, mainly cd games not dvd ones. what i did is uped the voltage on the laser as that wasn't pumping out enough.

    working like a charm now if you would like the instructions to do that i may be able to find them if you want them. its in pdf formate
  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    holy smokes

    "uped the voltage"

    what r u Tim Allen?

    had no idea u could boost the ps2

    more power hoh hoh hoh
  14. bluesfan

    bluesfan Guest

    And if you can't handle waiting a whole year for Ps3 or 360, BUY AN XBOX [​IMG]
  15. No thank you, I want a proper console.

    I'm awaiting developments and other people's stories before moving.
  16. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    yeah aparently the voltage on the ps2s can drop. i did alot of research for this because i took it to sony and they were going to charge me 100 bucks just to fix it. i thought nah screw that (wasn't under warenty cause i had alredy opened it up a few times to c what made it tick)

    so i found some information around to why some games work and some dont and i found that this problem was very common. found out how to fix it and it worked.

    its also to do with the balancing of the magnet, maybe that is out as well this document tells you how to fix this as well.

    its about 500k zipped if anyone wants to have a look
  17. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    There is a post with a link to a gamefaqs page showing how to increase or decrease the voltage on your ps2. It is under ZoMbIeAsRtOnAuT post in the thread:

    Disc Read Error

    Here he has the link to the gamefaqs page for PS2 voltage.
  18. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    true i can't get to that on my work pc, hell i dont' need to i know what i am doing, i think [​IMG]

    i am sure it will be useful to someone out there [​IMG]
  19. Good grief all this sounds complicated.
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