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My thoughts after playin it, and a demo im sellin!



I bought a demo of a mate of mine on the net, and this morning, he sent me 2, lol.

nice touch but 2 are no good to me, but more bout that later.

firstly my thoughts>>>>> which are based on the demo>>>>>>

good graphics.

game is very fluid. and runs along nicely, the big hits are good, as are the diving ankle taps. stadium looks nice.

its without doubt the best rugby game i've ever played. i only really have one small gripe wiith it>>>>

when there is a ruck,maul,scrum, and the scrum half passes the ball, the reciever is very flat footed, and standing still, rather than running onto the ball at pace, so you pass it from the scrum, then he just stands still, you have to then begin to start running with him. a small gripe, im sure they'll fix it in '06

the one thing i can say in its favour is>>> never in a rugby game have i felt so good when you score a try. find the gap, then go, and a big dive over to finish.

so that is my thoughts....now............

as i said, i have one spare demo, and can sell it to anyone in the uk, and i'll post it first class and it'll be with you in 2 days tops.

im not gonna name a price, if anyone wants to buy it, just say a price, and i'l be back on in a bit, and then i'l sell it. it makes no adds to me if no one buys it, as i said this is an extra copy, so if no one buys it i'll just give it to some kid in my street.

so if anyone wants it, then they can buy it.
the game is class,and i second the idea of the game being the best when it comes to scroing a try. It is amazing when you find a gap.
Originally posted by jambo_makaveli@Mar 9 2005, 01:32 AM
so if anyone wants it, then they can buy it.
I've pm'ed and emailed you.

What format is the demo?

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