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My Visit To The Swordfish Studios...

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St Helens RLFC

.... is coming up at some point next week, as well as another member from this forum. That is yet to be determined who it will be, and indeed when this visit will be.

But this thread isn't to gloat, it's because I want to hear from you. Any questions, get them down, and we will try to answer them.
Basically, because there is not much info released about the game, I have invited St Helens (who assures me that he is going to be a top notch journalist
) to come to the studio and review the game on behalf of TRF. He will visit with someone else (probably Locksley cos he knows the way
) and they can have a build of the game in a room and play to their hearts content.

So post anything you want St Helens to check for you here. You ahve your very own TRF review.

And if anyone from Hip/Ubisoft is reading this ... it's a final focus group test.
u couldnt find out if andy farrell is in the game for saracens could you?

im sure you're intrested aswell as you're a league fan
Could you try some grubbers, chips, bombs etc. and tell me how they work out, such as how many you score from, how players vary in ability to do them etc?

Also, would you be able to tell us about franchaise mode aswell? Cheers.

Can you tell me if there are official crowd chants?

Mainly lads, just try and give the gameplay a thorough work-through... so as to give a detailed review...

... perhaps try as many different situations possible in a game of rugby - and how they actually play through in the game

The only non-gameplay related questions I have in regards to the game is -

1. How may players are in a teams overall squad and in a match day squad? I'm looking for a definite number as opposed to a rough figure... is it 20 players (which I had heard) or is up to 26/28 in the complete squad?

2. How many substitutes are there for any given match? Can we pick from 5/7 etc...

3. Lastly, can we move players between squads to make squads up-to-date, or do we just have to edit existing players names to something else (and thgen stats too)?

... I wish I could get a go with this myself, so remem you're carrying the expectations of the majority of the forum... so leave no stone unturned... and enjoy it!
My questions:

1) Can you please pick me up on the way there?

2) Can you give a detailed description of the goal kicking system?

3) Can I give you 20pts if you can kind my name in the career mode?
say hi to susan..trevs girlfriend...we met in the weekend

just gimme a comparison to other rugby games..ya know r06,jlr pretty pleez
Find out what part of the game we all got lammed into please?

Can you move around players (in position terms) during a match?
Originally posted by sarries fan@Nov 6 2005, 01:52 AM
u couldnt find out if andy farrell is in the game for saracens could you?

im sure you're intrested aswell as you're a league fan
I can tell you that already.... He's NOT in the game. Or at least he wasn't in the build I played.

Also, wouldn't it be great if I could take my DVD recorder down to Swordfish and hook the PS2 up to it!
That way, we could have an EXCLUSIVE "Video Review" for the 1st time on The Rugby Forum. Hint hint

Now that would be something.
You should make this review only viewable to TRF members. If that's possible.
Yeah make a link and you have to enter say your TRF password to view it. That is possible and this way Ubi/Hip wouldn't know too much about it.
Oh yes, and is there a way I could get hold of it for an 'Aussie Review'???
there is only one specific point i would like to know. does box kicking work? as in, say there is a scrum and the half passes to fly-half then fly-half kicks square towards the line and the winger runs thru to catch and hopefully score. For those who watched the 2003 world cup final will know exactly what i am talking about. larkham's kick to tiquiri...pure gold!!
would be awesome to have it in the game cause its a great part of footy!
Originally posted by scot@Nov 5 2005, 10:03 PM
You should make this review only viewable to TRF members. If that's possible.
That's something to look into very definitely.
some info on the southern hemisphere teams and comps
like the:
- faces of players, are they similar or completely different
- kits and logos of the 3N teams n the super14 teams, how original are they?

someone should make a RC2006 website, but i guess we need some media otherwise it will be too boring.
i just want to kno more about the duration of the sprint and that stupid tackle that u always lose the ball over coz i heard they've changed it now.
Can we please(!) not have any requests to find certain players in the game? It's nearly pointless, and a big time waster. If anything ask if there is a decent editing component to the game, that way you can cange it to have anyone you want in it.

My questions...
1. How accurate do unlicensed players look? Completely random? Some similarities?

2. I would quite like to know the basics of the franchise mode, but that might waste too much time?
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