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My World League Campaign



I'm trying to maintain some semblance of realism when I play WL. I started out on Easy using all Welshmen with Cardiff. Henson's a beast as well as Shanklin. Stephen Jones is decent but he got hurt a lot. I found that I faired better when Henson wore the number 10 jersey.

I just completed Normal using all Englishmen. My next goal is to use all Kiwi's on Hard. Of course, I'm practically playing with mostly Internationals. But I try to retain most of the original players from the club I choose, ie -- my Cardiff side consisted mostly of that club's players and the same for when I played as London Wasps. And my NZ side will be either Crusaders or Blues.

As much as I'd like to have a mixture, I find it unrealistic to have an entire team of international ringers (not to say that anyone else who subscribes to that strategy is wrong, it's just my way). I just find it more satisfying to conquer the world with players of the same national background. And no, I will never ever try it with all American ruggers, that is unless there's an unlockable level of gameplay called Extremely Easy. I'd also like to try it with the French, the Irish and the Boks. Give it a try. It might make your campaign more interesting.
I limit myself - ecspecially early on.

I dont buy any starters unless they belong their in real life and I only buy 1 Div 1/Div 2 player each year
I got to admit that I'm not that very good at the game so I need as much help as possible. I need as solid an all-around team as possible. And I often go after guys with above-average speed...85 or better.

In tournament play I want to fill my trophy cabinets as fast as possible, I play 5 minute halves. But in WL, I play 10 minutes to try and run the score up as much as possible so I can buy top players.

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