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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by coughas, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. coughas

    coughas Guest

    OK i'm at the beginning of Season 4 and i now have the following team:

    1. B. Young
    2. T. Leota
    3. P. Vickery
    4. V. Matfield
    5. M. Bortolami
    6. G. Smith
    7. S. Burger
    8. S. Sititi
    9. A. Pichot
    10. C. Spencer
    11. L. Tuqiri
    12. M. Giteau
    13. C. Ralph
    14. R. Caucaunibuca
    15. M. Rogers

    Bench is just made up of the players i started with so i wanna fill that next. Any suggestions for the bench would be awesome!

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  3. Brumbies_05

    Brumbies_05 Guest

    My team at the start of season 5 is
    1 Os Du Rout (Great forward much better than both your props)
    2 Jeremey Paul (heaps good runner of the ball from pop passes)
    3 Greg Sommerville (Great forward much better than both your props)
    4 Victor Matfield (never misses a line out)
    5 Chris Jack (same as above)
    6 Shalk Buger (Not as good as in real life)
    7 George Smith (awsome mad defence and attack)
    8 Richard McCaw (good runner)
    9 Matt Giteau (very quick from the back of the ruck)
    10 Carlos Spencer (Not as god as Jonny or O'Gara but nice and cheap)
    11 Loti Tuqiri (the best wing breaks 70% of tackles)
    12 Tana Umaga (dosent do much for me not quick enough)
    13 Brian O'Driscoll (sick player all ways straight through that gap)
    14 Jason Robinson (very fast but always loses the ball when tackeled on the wing)
    15 Doug Howlett ( I think the best player in the game )

    16 Ali Williams (Good)
    17 Kees Meaus (Great forward much better than both your props)
    18 Rodney So'oloia (good defence and runner of the ball)
    19 Steve Thompson (Great runs so well into the forwards)
    20 Stirling Mortlock (Good swap him with Tana all the time)
    21 Rupien Caucau (so fast him and robinson swap every game)
    22 Matt Rogers (Can Play anywere in the backs handy to have)
  4. mark_shaw

    mark_shaw Guest

    buy howlett
  5. Padz

    Padz Guest

    P.Vickery and B.Young have much better stats then Os Du Rout and Greg Sommerville.
  6. Get Martin Johnson instead of Bortolami, get a better 13, such as Brian O'Driscoll, and dump Matt Rodgers for someone decent like Jason Robinson. Also consider getting Howlett, Thompson and McCaw. And a better 10.
  7. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Starting Season 3

    1. Byrne
    2. Leota
    3. Tom Smith
    4. Johnson
    5. Lord
    6. Blowers
    7. Fox
    8. Owen
    9. Dawson
    10. Grayson
    11. Cohen
    12. Ollie Smith
    13. O'Driscoll
    14. Reihana
    15. Robinson


    the ultimate starting 15

    15.J.Robinson(make em pay if they dont find touch)
    14.D.Howlett(score a try from anywhere,all round game really)
    13.BOD(slice through gaps whenever you want)
    12.R.Tipoki(slices through gaps fastest center in the game i think hes 90)
    11.R.Caucaunibuca(score a try form anywhere)
    10.J.Wilkinson(what do i have to say)
    9.A.Pichot(very quick and a good passer)
    8.R.McCaw(great runner tackler,rucks)
    7.N.Back(him McCaw and smith lets c u loose the ball)
    6.G.Smith(great rucking and takler)
    5.C.Jack(you will steal evry lineout and win your own if u time it right)
    4.M.Johnson(great all round player rucks,lineout name it)
    3.M.Reggiardo(doesnt start for arg but look at the scrum rating)
    2.A.Oliver(great all round hooker and leader)
    1.B.Young(best come scrum time in the game)

    16.F.Mendez(just look at the hooking stats 97!)
    17.P.Vickery(best rucking prop in the game and good scrumagger)
    18.S.Murray(you wont loose a line-out)
    19.S.Burger(great at rucks and tackling)
    20.G.Gregan(great leader,passer)
    21.C.Spencer(great handling and all round game)
    22.L.Tuqiri(great at center or on the wing strong)

    honoroble mention

    D.Carter(usefull goal kicker and just enough speed to do damage)
    R.Hill(good come ruck time or lineouts)
    T.Umaga(breaks tackles and can get through the gap)
    O.Magne(another great rucker)
    P.Stringer(almost perfect passing 97 or 98)
  9. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    How do you find your games with these excellent teams?
  10. van nierkirk is best 7 in the game 84 spd
    his cover tackling is fucing awsome
  11. BOKean

    BOKean Guest

    that italian guy - bergamasco ??? i think - speed 86 - hes a flanker i think
  12. yeah, hes good, unless you want a decent scrum, he only weighs 85kg. tiny. he plays wing aswell, so hes usefull on the bench
  13. Bergamasco kept turning me over when I played Stade Francais (Paris). I found I had to change my whole style of play to adapt to his speed between breakdowns.
  14. Geoff

    Geoff Guest

    Aren't there 2 Bergamasco's? I though that they are brothers, one is a winger and the other is a flanker.
  15. no its the same person. john kerwin tryed turning him into a wing, but hes originally a flanker...
  16. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    I've got Du Preez as Scrum Half. Really quick, plus with his great kicking you can do the kicking with him and not have to have an expensive Stand Off.
  17. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Have finished fourth season on HARD (not sure if you guys are talking about ridiculous Normal level or not...can't see how that's remotely satisfying - stick with hard and you should suss getting good enough if you are a half-decent gamer....

    Just won 1st Division title and collected not all buys....

    but I have:

    Os Du Randt
    Victor Matfield
    Ape Naevo
    Joe Van Niekirk

    in the forwards..


    my backline is:

    9. Pichot (best Halfback in game satistically along with Paul Stringer and Gregan)
    10. Me! (1st V, Centre, Wing - kicker) - 44 points.
    11. Caucaunibuca (97 speed)
    12. Tuilevu (89 speed, 93 acceleration)
    13. BOD (need I say more really)
    14. Ohata (98 speed - fastest player in the game)
    15. Jason Robinson (90 speed, 99 acceleration or agility)

    Only Tuilevu could possibly be replaced and only Howlett and Wilkinson added - I would shift to second-five and Wilkinson into first - Howlett would replace Robinson at FB and then JR would cover wing and FB from the bench w/ Tuilevu covering centres and other wing too....perfect. [​IMG]

    I won the first Division trophy though w/out Pichot, Robinson and Naevo - all of whom I have not played a game with yet as I used winning points to help purchase get 100 points for winning the 1st Division, 60 for winning second and forty for the third division (from memory)....

    Can still lose though which is refreshing...Crusaders rolled me 33-27 in my last game but the two points (within 7 points and four try bonus) meant I'd fought hard and anyway I still won easily from the Wasps in second place....

    BOD was a try-scoring machine....but not in the way you guys will be relentlessly scoring half-arsed tries in Normal mode......Hard doesn't let you play to a relentless pattern of repeating a trick. No offense, but i don't know why anyone would bother with normal level....except in one on ones etc...


    yes there are two bergamascos theyre brothers one plays flanker and winger the other plays full back
  19. top gun

    top gun Guest

    J Robinson
    D Howlett
    S Mortlock
    B O'Driscoll
    M Rogers
    J Wilkinson
    G Gregan
    R Soialo
    R McCaw
    G Smith
    M Johnson
    C Jack

    and the original front row. Yeah Howlett is the man on this game & so is Andrew Mehrtens, he kicks the furtherest. Jonnys place kicking is by far the best!
  20. Darn...Let me see if I can remember my fowards but I know my Wings and Centers...i did some rearranging with peoples positions and stuff

    WGs: Rupeni Caucau and Jovesa Naivalu
    CTs: Sereli Bobo and Sailosi Tagicakabau
  21. TheDell

    TheDell Guest

    Caucaunibuca got injured and has been out for two seasons. Maybe he's having a kidney transplant or something. Hope he doesn't die.

    Another thing- Can anyone tell me why its only showing me the 3rd DivisionTrophy, The Knockout Cup trophy and the 1st Div trophy in my trophy cabinet? I've completed everything without losing a match. Is there supposed to be a 2nd Div Trophy there?
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