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My World League



Ok i am very bored at the moment so i decided to do a World League. I havnt played for a while, and i am playing with the editing but i thought whats the point of playing with the editing. So i also decided to do a story kinda like DC13 except a little more in depth.

if you dont like it i dont care, hopefully i am will do one game a week or something like that. Tell me what you think...

also i am to lazy at making so many posts so i made a (crappy) webpage for it.

You must have alot of time on your hands.

i just played my first world league with cardiff blues. my goal was to finish in the top half of the log, i had to win my last game against reds to sneak in but i lost, so i got fired. very bummed.

Gnawali was leading the top try scorers with 12 at least.
my wl is getting pritty interesting now, im my 3rd season. ive got a good team. ive got 3 awesome wingers, otahou or something, scottish guy, forgotten his name, danielie, another scotch, and hilton. all are very fast, so a good rotation going there. also got 4 quallity loosies, charvis, white and a puma guy whos name excapes me, and farrel. have currently moves farrel to centre to get his moral and form up by scoring more points. have got him as my gker, and has his gk stat up to 97!!! got brock james at 10, whos stats have gone up to make him adequate for now. weakness atm is fullback, got anesi and toieva, whos handling is starting to annoy me.

but the thing that bugs me the most, is that i wanted to get the blues, but they got relegated and i got promoted, so i missed out. but ive changed my mind on them because there squad has been raped and all my fav players have gone. so in my division ive got warratars, canes and highlanders who i wouldnt mind going to. the ghey thing is, i really want to change team, but im lot looking foward to losing some of the players ive got in my team now, like danielle (sp? again) and hilton, along with farrel.
yeah i lost my piece of paper, its around here somewhere. it has the second match on it.

also my pc had started playing up but i think i can still play it.

as soon as i find my piece of paper ill do the next game and update here

honestly didnt think anyone cared :D
It is interesting, I wish people would do more like this. However an 'attitude' on this board seem to quell anything of interest. Actually I am going to start a thread similar. I play the game enough.

It may be an idea for members to have their own blogs for these sort of things. Somthing for the dmins to think about.
Bugger, if I'd known I would have kept some kind of record of my World Leagues, as been right through all the divisions winning them on Elite. Would have been interesting just to follow my players movements with recruiting. As noticed whoever you select to replace in your squad, swaps with your acquired player. So in effect you take their best player, giving them a crap one... was quite amusing coming up against the Crusaders with Heffler at first five :)
Have you noticed how you can swap your entire line for the crusaders, but their results will be unaffected, even with Hefler at fly-half (who goes on to be top scorer in the elite league), evans on the wing etc.
found my piece of paper, there will be an update tonight, and probably the update to the game in the weekend (unless i get that done tonight 2)
Sorry i have been a bit slack, but match one of the knock out competition has been put up. hopefully my writing skills come out a bit more :)

going to set up for match 2 hopefully tomorrow :)

have a good night

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