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Nation Eligibilty Catch-All Thread

The SRFU would have been all over it the second they heard the name Fergus.
New Saracens fly-half Fergus Burke, who has lived his entire life in New Zealand until now, is open to playing for either England or Scotland when he begins his international career. (Daily Telegraph(

New Zealand's decision to leave No 8 Hoskins Sotutu out of their squad to face England could lead to him eventually representing their summer opponents as early as next year if he gives up his Super Rugby career and heads to the Premiership. (Daily Telegraph)

how does that work, he last played for the AB's in 2022, is it not 5 years now?
Not sure its relevent in any thread but this feels best suited, and more of a point of interest - Did you guys know CCS was raised in new zealand from age 4 and only came back over a couple of years ago? I had no idea, havent picked up on a kiwi accent, only realised when reading an article this morning. Played age grade profincial, university ball and even academy ball for the NRL rugby league side over there. Pretty sure both his parents are english but whole rugby education in NZ.
Yeah, moved back here when he finished school to join London Irish's academy so would've been 17? 18?
2022 so 18/19 I think, he seems to have started university in NZ. Mad that he arrives 2 years ago and is now on the edge of being a regular starter for england, kid is special talented. Surprised he wasnt spotted by super rugby tbh.

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