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NCAA players into madden 08 Draft?



hey guys, since i was last on here i have downloaded the updated rosters so thanks for that.

now i have brought ncaa 08 and am a little uncertain on how to get the players from ncaa into the draft

for madden 08. Can anyone help?

I really want Lawrence jackson for my Ravens franchise.

Can anyone help?


At the beginning of the off season of your NCAA season it will ask if you want to export the draft class, follow that.
Hey thanks ripper. Just dieing to put the Ravens back to a good 4-3 formation ae.


If only you ******** could've finished off the Patriots...

Suppose you gave Manning good practice at taking shots at the end zone though when he threw 4 Touchdowns on just 17 pass attempts.
Sorry for double posting but i found out how to export the rosters. i simmed past it the first time.

Now i have the drfat class saved to my HDD but in my madden 08 franchise i simmed a year and it didnt ask me if i want to import the draft class. Can someone who knows what is going on please help me.

And yes Ripper we let manning throw 4 TD of 17 passes. I hate the pats and would much prefer the colts to win so we just gave Peyton some practise lol. Besides we didnt have rolle or mcalister in that game. Ed cant do it ny himself.


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