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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by nowisascrumhaft, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. ok, so for my highschool rugby team since i am the only player with previous rugby experience, the coach has told me i am scrum-haft, even though for the part few years ive only played wing and full back.

    Need help because i know nothing of scrum-haft,how to play,etc.
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  3. Olyy

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    *Scrumhalf :p

    You need to have a strong, accurate pass. You're the first distributer on the pitch, at mauls breakdowns and often at lineouts, you'll be the guy flinging the ball out to the flyhalf/backs,
    Scrum time, never played SH but i know when it's the oppositions scrum you need to be quick the make the tackle on their 9. As soon as he touches the ball you'll need to hit him, just to disrupt their setpiece going off smoothly.

    I'm sure there'll be someone along who's actually played the positon though, with more info
  4. Check out some Gareth Edwards videos if you can, that guy was sublime. Played For Wales and B+I Lions. Other than that Olyy's advice is pretty good!
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