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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by USArugger, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. USArugger

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    Offense: I can't recycle the ball more than twice without turning it over. If I go outside at all, I lose it almost every time. I can do OK if i just keep kicking but that isn't much fun.

    Defense: The dang AI can march most of the way down the pitch without losing a ruck. It doesn't matter how many forwards I commit. Even if I stop the #10 cold behind the gain line and I immediately commit 4-5 guys, they still retain the ball. The only reasonably effective thing I've found is using the dive tackle to cause a knock-on. Any help here?

    It's beginning to get frustrating because I want to play real rugby and not just the few things that work. The R3 helps from time to time but I get way too many penalties.

    Help Please!

    Hard is just like playing on Heismann in NCAA. It's so out of balance towards the AI that you end up using gimmicks.
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  3. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Early on (without good players) it can be difficult....hopefully these tips help.........

    1. Kick for position ALOT. Only run it if you are in the opposition 22. Once you are inside their half kick to their fullback, who will almost always take a mark, thus giving you the throw in to the next lineout in good attacking position. Keep kicking to the fullback in this way until you get a lineout within their 22.

    2. From your throw in to the lineout ALWAYS go to the front, drive into their 22 and try to draw the "collapsing the maul" penalty. If awarded the penalty take the "punt" option and repeat. This should lead to a penalty try 95% of the time.

    3. When defending from the lineout always jump at the front of the lineout, which is your best chance of stealing the odd throw in.

    4. If it looks very likely that you are going to conceed a try CHEAT at the ruck. At worst you will only conceed 3 points (you might even steal it).

    5. When you have enough points to buy your first player, buy the quickest/best accelerated player you can afford and put him in at fullback (Howlett is perfect, as fullback is his second preferred position). Then from ANY/EVERY scrum choose the classic move and then "A" (on the X-box, I presume X on the PS2). This leads to the fullback hitting the line at pace and if you then head towards the touchline on the angle (going around the fullback) will lead to a try EVERY time if completed correctly. You'll also have time to go in under the posts for an easier conversion.

    6. At scrums if you have no decent forwards just push after the opposition have put the ball in (no hooking). This leads to a more stable scrum and lessens the chance of being pushed backwards.

    7. On defense do not add ANY players to the rucks, just fan across the field and attempt to make as many big hits as posible using the "diving tackle" button.

    8. Try to time the run of a defender at the first five. If done correctly you can more often then not force the knock on (especially if they are trying to punt). Easy to do from mauls where the player automatically chosen by the computer to defend for you is the guy hanging off the side of the maul.

  4. these are the exact same tactics I used and won division 3 my second year.
  5. BOKean

    BOKean Guest

    use the hands in the ruck button - you will win 90% of your own rucks!!!
  6. USArugger

    USArugger Guest


    Much thanks. I finally figured out the R3 so I don't get a penalty every time. I quit committing so many to the ruck and quit hooking on their put-ins. Helped a lot. Excellent tips.
  7. yeah same

    the first point is important. i even kick when im just outside there 22. my tatic is to kick into there corner, and hope they either throw it to the frount or the no.8. if they throw to the no.8 it ALWAY (i havent seen it work yet) always goes too far, i which you can dive on it, or tackle them into there ingoal. if they get it at the frount, get ready for (the n.8 usually) to run of the side of the maul, and hunt the 1st 5/8, and either charge it down, or tackle them to force a knock on.

    and yes, the classic to the fullback is the best play. and when there full back comes, draw and pass and its a try for sure. 100m runs for me because of it.
    and also use nawali on the right wing. hes the one who will get the pass and hes the fastest player in your team. yes, hes got bad handling skills, but he only drops it 5% of the time. more than anyone else, but hes not as bad as everyone says him to be.
  8. Confused

    Confused Guest

    I am new to the board, but this thread saved my love of hard. I went through a whole season with two wins and about six tries. Even after i picked up a fast winger there was no difference.

    You definitely can not play hard like you can play normal.

    Thanks fellas. I had almost given up on hard when I only got one player in the first season and barely had enough points to pay his maintenance.
  9. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Glad we can be of some assistance..... [​IMG]
  10. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    That is some ugly tactics dudes!!!

  11. Samala

    Samala Guest

    I think I may have the best record in this game on World League.

    I haven't lost a game
    Scored an average of 40 points per match
    more than 4 tries a game

    I have finished the Easy, Normal, and now halfway through league.


    Before you start the league create some players in one team to use for trades.

    I created a First Five (Waisale Serevi) - playmaker, commander.
    2 X wingers... 1 x Fullback

    Used Rupeni and, Robinson in the midfield as cheap buys - good though.

    All loose forwards 6,7,8 as ball winners and runners. (this will increase the turnovers for ya)

    keep hitting your forwards to drive it up and hold down R3 to secure the ball going into contact.
    They key is to pick and go when there's space with the halfback and let him link with the draw and pass.

    SAMALA - (the master)
  12. ffs, 4 posts in total, 3 of which are this post. get a life samala.

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