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New Boots?



Hey guys, xmas is coming up and I was having difficulty looking for upgrades from my current boots (http://www.worldrugbyshop.com/departments-...-gray-wht-.html) . If it helps at all, I usually flanker, and ocassionally in the front row (a quite mobile prop), and was hoping to find some cleats to fufill both roles (if possible). Thank you.

PS: If it helps; I am a size 9/9.5 Wide fit.
Nothing wrong with Air Legends at all. I'm a recent convert and they are simply wonderful boots. Very comfortable and, unless you have ridiculously flat feet, I can pretty much guarantee they'll be wide enough.

The only problem is that while they could suit a flanker, they might not have enough ankle support for propping.
Depending on how wide your feet are you may find that a canterbury won't be a comfortable fit for you.
Adidas are ridiculously narrow boots so don't even think about going for those.
But canterbury have become a little better for people with wide feet as of late - so you may be ok with them.
I have wider feet than the average local boy has. So i've walked into the local CCC boutique and tried on a pair of those CCC wero SI's just for the hell of it. Two words:

Exceptionally comfortable.

Can't say anymore than that because the boots cost somewhere in the region of 200 dollars. So i just bought my self some old F30s instead, which cost me bout 70 dollars. But if you have the money i strongly encourage you to get it. Durable, and comfy, so I've heard.

EDIT: I have size 10 feet US. So it shouldnt be a problem for you.
Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone here has tried the Mizuno timaru mid.
I'm considering getting these boots for next season as my old school Adidas flanker Boots have died on me. Cheers!
Thank you RC, and again Caledfwlch for your advice! Ill post up on the forums again once I can critique the boots.

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