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New Darts game out now



I got this game earlier, bloody good laugh. Its called, 'PDC World Championship Darts' & it available for both PC & PS2. I have got the PC version & its really easy to play, with 10 of the best PDC Darts men.

I recommend to anyone who like Darts or who is after a game to play with a few mates.

PDC Website.

Game Features (pulled from their website;)

Game Features:
  • Starring PDC Champions: Phil Taylor, John Part, Peter Manley, Mark Dudbridge, Colin Lloyd, Raymond Van Barneveld, Dennis Priestley, Alan Warriner-Little, Adrian Lewis, and Wayne Mardle.
  • Unique and intuitive controls allowing you to master your throw, feel the pressure, and shape your destiny just like your heroes.
  • Multi-player Action for up to four friends.
  • Commentary from TV favourite Sid Waddell and the voice of darts scorer Russ Bray.
  • Game modes including: Quick Game, Tournament Mode, Career and Multi-player.
  • Authentic environments inspired by the key PDC Championship arenas; the UK Open, The Las Vegas Dessert Classic and The Open Holland.
  • Real life rule variations: 301 / 501 / 701 (Standard Rules), Around the Clock, Around the Clock (Doubles & Trebles), Black and White, Cricket (US Rules), Cricket (UK Rules), Fives, Twenty-One, Killer, Knockout, Odd Man In and Shanghai
Right, I'm off to beat Phil Taylor with Barney.

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