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New movie for Those who haven't got it!



This is for those unfortunate enough not to have played the game yet! AS in the other vids, this footage comes from the PS2 version. I only wish I had my Xbox version now to show you the difference in animation and graphics etc.

This vid takes place with Wales 5-0 up, and you join the action not long after the welsh try, as ireland try to kick a penalty goal!

Right click and "Save Target As"
Wales vs Ireland - Millenium Stadium. Classic 2 view. 9 Minutes 10 Seconds. 50Meg

cheers, Locks.

I've got the game and I still enjoy footage. Probably cause I'm at work and not playing the game.
So which team were you controlling Locks??

Just wondering if we can start taking some serious mikey for ... well ... you know what!!
I really like the internet connection here in college. The 50Mb video clip downloaded in 17 seconds!
I noticed that the commentator says "O'Gara" to take the conversion and Horgan was taking it
in the 5th minute
Probably wasn't, the try scorer's name stays up for a second while the kicker is preparing himself, then it switches to his name. I could be wrong and if I am I apologise but I think this might be what it was.

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