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New proposal to limit foreign players in SL

If the players are good enough then they'll make it.

Professional Rugby League is a business. Simple as that. If club want to throw money at someone, then let them, regardless of they come from.
Bring it on. Won't have too much of an impact on us. Some clubs will be screwed though.
I don't think it will be the end of big name players in S.L. just that there will a majority of British players in all teams and thats how it should be.
As I said in a previous post...It's a business, money is involved, therefore the business (in this case a SL club) should be able to throw their money at whoever they want and be able to play.

It's been a tradition for so long for players in the NRL that are nearing their last years in rugby league to go over to the SL and play a couple of easy seasons for a nice tidy sum of money for a more comfortable retirement.

Also, these days it's getting more popular by the day for a young player in Australia to head over to England, and that should be fully supported.

Stuff the traditionalists who want only english players.
stuff the traditionalists who think that it's a great tradition for Aussie players to retire playing SL - when they are only impeding the development of British talent who can help GB RL develop and grow - this pensioning off of Antipodeans needs to stop if the Lions ever want to win a series against Australia or NZ again one day, GB need long-term investment in their future to grow and secure the game - too much talent goes by the wayside with the one-last hurrah Aussies/Kiwis that are brought in - the current attitude and short-term investment of clubs needs rethinking - that and the length of the season.

It's the club's sole responsibility to chose whether or not they want to spend their money on a wonderful player from the NRL or an up and coming young talent from their home country.

If a club wants to buy an NRL player, LET THEM
If a club would rather nurture their young talent, SO BE IT

It's a business! It's the club's call!
GB are disbanding Goranski. We're seperating into different countries after 2007 Tri Nations.
might as well - it never really was GB and Ireland - more like GB and Carney or England and Carney....

anyway you know what i'm talking about when i mention GB - it's Lancashire, Yorkshire and....err...Cumbria plus Harlequins.....
I quite agree. GB and Ireland my foot, England, Cunningham and Carney it was....
It depends. If they put the effort and resources in it will be a permanant fixture.

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