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  1. The Rugby World Cup has been reviewed by the IRB this year. Following a meeting from the Rugby World Cup Board it has been announced that changes will be made to the tournament’s qualification stages for New Zealand 2011. The number of teams that automatically qualify has been increased to twelve places for the next world cup qualifiers.

    This will serve to reduce the number of international matches that would have to be played in the years before a tournament, those teams who did not make the quarter-finals of the previous RWC, reducing fixture congestion will improve the tournament for all the nations to come.

    World Cup Rugby will be expect to see the changes introduced in 2008 which will improve the 2011 New Zealand RWC. The overall changes which will be put into place want be finished until the RWC 2015 .
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    what's new about this, it was decided long before the last world cup that the top 3 in each pool would qualify automatically for the next world cup.
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