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New Review/Preview hopefully coming soon



I am a writer for a magazine in Christchurch, columnist and feature writer (not freelance), and have been talking with EA NZ. With a little bit of luck I'm looking at getting hold of a copy over the next few days, and before I submit anything to my editor I'll make sure I post it all up here.

I've got a hell of a lot more free time than most
so if EA get their A into G and get me a copy to review/preview I'll go into a great amount of detail about anything you may need or want to know.

It would be my pleasure.


Jamie Gough
Good work fella, although I reckon most stuff that people wanna know has been answered, your general gameplay opinion prob the most valuable thing! By the way, good work on your website for the previous games, was addicted!
Ooh that would be sooo sweet indeed!

The more in advance to release, the better!
if i come to christchurch can i stay with you for a few days
Hi Elliot,

It's called 'Avenues' magazine. I wrote and did advertising most of last year, but in November I handed my notice in for the advertising side of it, and am just writing now.

I cover all sorts of things, from resturants, bars, rugby games to even going to fashion shows (I was going to put the fashion shows into the crap catagory of things a magazine writer has to go to, but after learning that there is a large amount of attractive woman and fine and free alcohol, it seemed a lot better than I first thought

Surely having a look at an up and coming game should be good


Jamie Gough

Cool news. As toup said, your account of how the game plays will be a great addition to 'those in the know' and will bring another perspective which we'll all devour.

On a selfish note, should you get the full version, I'd like to know if there are any International Team surprise inclusions. I ask only because they're included the Rugby 2007 comp which obviously isn't sorted yet for who has qualified for the pools. Chile almost took the spot from the States in '03, so it's feasible that they might be in this time around.

Just a little request,

Could you check if the Northampton saints Kits are identical/what they look like?


Does franklins gardens look good enough?

I can supply you with links.

Northampton OFFY


Thanks, appreciatted. Havent said you are going to do it yet either,
So that's Franklin Gardens. I could have sworn I have seen screen shots of that ground heaps. But I suppose all of those Euro grounds look the same to me.
Corr dont get much better days than that, lovely weather. Where are you situated normally ?

Im at the front of B black terrace, Tetley stand.
Better to stand in my opinion, dont freeze your knackers of, and better atmosphere.

And who is everyone else?
Any more word on your upcoming review Mr Gough, sir?

It'd be interesting to hear your run through of the game and your opinions on how the game plays - its been a while since another objective view was offered.

Also, as Capt. America said ... it'd be nice to hear just what we can expect in regards to extra national teams included in this years ***le (outside the 20 teams at the 2003 RWC)...

Hope your review is still planned for release and cheers for any extra info!
Well I've been talking with EA and they have invited me to come along to the Christchurch media launch of the game on Tuesday night.

I'll get a good play then hopefully.

Jamie Gough
Just got my media invite today for the Rugby 2005 launch in Christchurch.

I'll be going there tomorrow night so I'll post you all either when I come back Tuesday night (tomorrow), or Wednesday morning.

Ohhhhh I can't wait.

Jamie Gough
lucky you man hope you have fun and we all look forward to what you have to say about the game

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