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New to EA Rugby..



Hi all,

My name is Gary and i post regularly on the Rugby Challenge forum. I just wanted to know more about the EA Rugby series, as i'd like to play a game that is modable rather than RC2006, which is very limited.

Looks like plenty of activity on this forum, but i am confused as to what platform all the edits, updates and mods/patches are for. The last EA Rugby game for PC i know of is 2004, so i am wondering how you update console versions and how. I have patching experience and am patching RC2006 as i said, but anyone who has tried in-depth will be pretty frustrated with it.

I'd like to contribute to the forum, as i am good with patches/mods/editing etc, but haven't got a clue wtf is actually going on in the forum.

Can anyone shed any light? Woosaah, Jeffb?

Might be worth having a newbies thread for this kind of query?

rugby 06, 05 were both on pc.

if you have it on xbox and your xbox is modded then you can mod 06 on that as well. if you have a ps2 then tough luck :)

Just need to ask a few more questions please..

How far has the game editing come?
Can you edit kits?
Can you edit player faces/body accessories?
Is there an editor that can be used?
Do you use EAGE and DB commander? (i use these for NBA Live 2003)
Is the game easy to edit in game, or do you have edit with outside editors?

I can help mod and patch the game, it'd be cool if i knew what the score was with the patching team and how much progress has been made.
only thing you can edit in game is the roster, player stats, team stats no actual tweaking of the ai

yes you can edit kits

you can change player faces/body accesories

you can use my editor (in my sig) for 06

no i dont use EAGE or DB commander (never heard of them)

have to edit with outside editors

most things have already been edited, or modded so is there any point in doing anything else?

http://www.therugbyforum.com/index.php?showtopic=5029 look through there you will find lots of information.
I can update international kits.. i know Samoa have a new one.. i meant things like that.. things that maybe patchers wouldnt have bothered with too much.. like Lome Fa'atau's leg tattoos, which are awesome.

EAGE is a graphics editor for EA games. I used it for NBA Live 2003, and it might be a program you could use or adapt in some way.

DB Commander is excellent. It is a database editor. I used to edit the database of the NBA game, so you could edit absolutely everything from height, weight, body shape, accessories, tats etc. You could also change the gane dynamics in certain ways to eliminate bugs.

Do you want me to send the programs to you to see if they are any use? They might be of use for '08 maybe.

Thanks for your reply.. can't wait to get the game in a few days.
yeah i might have a look, i am sure i could find them. ill wait til i get on my pc
Woosaah.. try these out if you think they are any use..

DB commander is here. Is it used only for dbf. files. The 30 day trial doesnt work, it doesnt seem to run out.. i've had it 2 years now..http://www.dbcommander.com/download/DBC_2000.EXE

FSHed (edits fsh graphic files) http://www.nba-live.com/download/pafiledb....=file&id=10 EAGE for Fifa, NBA, Need for Speed, NHL and maybe the EA rugby series (imports, exports, extracts, previews various files, i.e cyberfaces, kits, shoes) http://www.nba-live.com/download/pafiledb....=file&id=14
dbcommander wont work as ea rugby doesnt use dbf files. as for the others its pretty much the same as bigGUI so no real difference there.

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