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Discussion in 'EA Rugby 08' started by pageski, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. pageski

    pageski Guest


    i don t know if people have tried to change xlm teams files but i found 2 teams which it s possible to play with it:

    european stars and maoris new zealands i put players in the roster with editor whossah

    i send my roster for play with it and the xml files team.;/fileinfo.html

    the only problem the kit of team dont exist (like british lions in rugby08) you must take and rename one existing kit with this

    mini kits exist but are horrible

    HOME - 7ccb2fd6cb9173e3046a077cbdd618c9.big (4111)
    BACK 500a9a29ba2a08d802e9f50e2b836a38.fsh (4368)

    AWAY - 3d0dc024f049abcb2509f255db7d6824.big (24414)
    BACK aac2c4ec7e0fd49e8cccb69217ea8054.fsh

    europeen stars
    HOME - 5883a2ccc5837fb05a9661601750d28c.big (4111)
    BACK 0713e6894048054837ef2def8b0af2fa.fsh (4368)

    AWAY - 675e3cd6f4091216b965fa30add83fba.big (4111)
    BACK 209c3776391e1191d09d41fab18a209c.fsh

    ball: c3951ee5fee74158d3e9e7b61d219af9.fsh (15933)
    Falg: 02794b69a346a66c2116270879f03aa6.fsh (5653)

    and try.

    Ciais if you have play with british lions in rugby08 you know use this information
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  3. Ciais

    Ciais Guest

    Yes, we managed to unlock both the NZ Maori and the British Lions AND to add the missing kits, so one can play with them. It was meant as a sort of surprise, but whatever
  4. pageski

    pageski Guest

    the Cats team it is ok too:

    home - 6a8ad4751a2100d1b661019d56740b12.big (4111)
    back 9b9bf25a73200e28a8e3daa9046beaae.fsh (4368)

    away - bdca8fbd0f3ae6178509af8b7437c912.big (4111)
    back 59f757d31d009e187c3c639b9146f3bd.fsh (4368)
  5. pageski

    pageski Guest

    world stars

    HOME - 59e2edc3ffce2d2379a4f3ff3bfaec23.big
    BACK - 476c139cce4118d256ba1696e5262f7e.fsh

    AWAY - 29d2abec3aac2e30f2835fcc0be3f453.big (4625)
    BACK - 0f2ec9ed4b3c45b2ec89d77395bda6e0.fsh (4882)

    banniere f5706dd0f18c7033deb7f0c7b4cc1e49.fsh
    ballon 57340e32cd37ec57b8f5c7d008f00d13.fsh (15933)

    super14 stars

    HOME - 77508d9abf617395a770860418f44993.big (4111)
    BACK - c1e82c9de95ccb1f1fe62f778f32685d.fsh (4368)

    banniere : 8dd143051837fafca66a25f107747c85.fsh (53
    ballon : f0ba62161e34f2c93dcf597bb871fb68.fsh (15933)

    AWAY - 784dbf2e163d0709af5477cfd800bd30.big (24414)
    BACK - 0fd3e299517a02821368365008f79ab1.fsh

    north stars

    HOME - 2e7089b26ad0e26ca9083f74262b4f00.big
    back - 6b1b7586a50a2e2575888e50f1490e6a.fsh

    AWAY - 6e4bbe9a78aabdf4c9a476916d7a0316.big
    BACK - 0ac1273a9cfb65a3052943bfab5a0e81.fsh

    south stars

    HOME - 3ed63f8c450f899647c1ac98de3b3358.big (4111)
    BACK - 2ff4289622b6dc0f1842fe2d41d97674.fsh (4368)

    AWAY - 635416da4992e50f4ab552400923ac19.big (4111)
    BACK - 8c336b53588b6e57ebdcab61cf787133.fsh (4368)

    HOME - 7ccb2fd6cb9173e3046a077cbdd618c9.big (4111)
    BACK - 500a9a29ba2a08d802e9f50e2b836a38.fsh (4368)

    AWAY - 3d0dc024f049abcb2509f255db7d6824.big (24414)
    BACK - aac2c4ec7e0fd49e8cccb69217ea8054.fsh

    europeen stars
    HOME - 5883a2ccc5837fb05a9661601750d28c.big (4111)
    BACK - 0713e6894048054837ef2def8b0af2fa.fsh (4368)

    AWAY - 675e3cd6f4091216b965fa30add83fba.big (4111)
    BACK - 209c3776391e1191d09d41fab18a209c.fsh

    ballon: c3951ee5fee74158d3e9e7b61d219af9.fsh (15933)
    drapeaux: 02794b69a346a66c2116270879f03aa6.fsh (5653)

    home - 6a8ad4751a2100d1b661019d56740b12.big (4111)
    back - 9b9bf25a73200e28a8e3daa9046beaae.fsh (4368)

    away - bdca8fbd0f3ae6178509af8b7437c912.big (4111)
    back - 59f757d31d009e187c3c639b9146f3bd.fsh (4368)
  6. moloko

    moloko Guest

    Good News.
    Great works Pageski :bravo:
  7. jawmalawm24

    jawmalawm24 Guest

    So how do we unlock all these teams because all those numbers and letters are very confusing to me.
  8. pageski

    pageski Guest

    you must active the team in this file


    (change no to yes in the line, and fegroup is representative open the file and you will understand) the team appears in the game ,but not players in the team = bug if you try to play

    you must too active the team in the editor
    C:\Program Files\Woosaah Ruggby 08 Editor : file teams.csv
    now you will see the team in the editor for put players inside

    for put players in the roster, be careful it is very very special the players are not always save in the roster you must repeat many times

    when you have the 30 players save in the roster you can't play with this team because the kit are not in the game but the game say you: i can t load the file jdjfdljgdrgj.big or .fsh, now you have the name of the kit you put one kit with the same name and it s possible to play with the team

    the only problem there are not logo for team
  9. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    this is pretty awesome. i am sure there would be a way to find out the logos as well.
  10. pageski

    pageski Guest

    I sorted out many files of the data.gob among which all logos team
    but in this list don t exist logo of all stars teams

    open the file you will understand, its all logos of international, club, representative teams
    when you choose one team
    when you see the classification after many days of match
    and others


    for me, some logos are impossible to find because it don t exist
  11. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    Have you tried running filemon when the logos are loading up and seeing which filenames it is trying to load. Otherwise, if the teams were in R06 (not sure) try the filenames from there.
  12. pageski

    pageski Guest

    its ok for the kit, ball. the game write "i can't load rgherg4bgg.big or fsh , but it is not possible for the logo.
    or maybe i don t understand what you say me
  13. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    I'll try out my ideas on the logo later. In the meantime I've found a way to activate the teams with no StringTableId by borrowing one from the userteams. Trouble is that the name is wrong - squad is correct though.
    I'm looking into finding where the names are generated from vis a vis the stringtableid although, going on previous EA games, it will be in the rfe menu files which are, annoying, encrypted.
  14. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    Well further to the above I added in the missing kits, ball, banners etc and no dice so never mind.
    On a more positive note I've found how to add in the missing logos. Will try and post a detailed description later.
  15. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    Ok, here's how to add the missing logos... :)
    You have to add the files into the fsh files containing the logos. Taking World All Stars the files to edit are b33c1afcdd66fdde967cdf5a799f00e7.fsh and a450b7134bb30539a6e7fe7167a1ff37.fsh (there may be more for other game modes).
    Let's start with b33c1afcdd66fdde967cdf5a799f00e7.fsh.

    Open the file in FshEd; you'll see that it contains all the flags used in the squad select screen (and some other places ingame). What we have to do is add in a logo for World All Stars.
    I decided to use the User Team 1 (l4us) logo for simplicity.

    1. Select l4us and go object;export.
    2. Name the file "wsflag.bmp" (or similar) and save it to desktop.
    3. Expand the object and select "metal bin".
    4. Object;export again and name it "wsmb" (or similar).
    5. Repeat for "name" and call is "wsnam".

    Very important - won't work unless you do this
    6. Open "wsnam" in a hex editor.
    7. Change "l4usrl" to "l4wstr". This code is found in the be2970b0ada8e42cf891ce60ffe69575.xml file under Logo=""
    8. Save and exit.

    Back in FshEd
    9. Select the last filename in the file and choose object;add new object.
    10. Click on new for graphic object and choose the "wsflag.bmp" file.
    11. Set name to "l4ws" (lower case L).
    12. Set image type to "62H l 98 l DXT5" and click update.
    13. Object;add new attachment and select wsmb (label metal bin).
    14. Repeat this for "wsnam".
    15. File;save.

    You've just added a flag for World All Stars into the game. Repeat this with a450b7134bb30539a6e7fe7167a1ff37.fsh but add "l1ws" (wipe logo) and "l4ws" (flag used in game). You'll see placeholders in that file for other team logos used. When adding them you will also need to export and import comment and bin attach.
    This can be done for any missing texture file. I've attached the finished files in case you can't get it to work. There might be a quicker way of importing/exporting involving EA Graph but I haven't tried it. I'll add the link and a screenshot in once I can get my FTP to work...
  16. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    I'm too late to edit. I don't normally quadruple post but until someone changes the edit time rules...

    Couldn't get a screen that actually showed the wipe - it's there though :p

    Link is here for the files if you want to try. This is mainly aimed at pageski as everyone else will need to have activated WAS for this to work.
  17. pageski

    pageski Guest

    it s interresting everything I think I have understood how does but there are 3 files to change


    In these files appears not maorie all black north, south, world, european super12 all star cornish pirates earth titans etc if it s possible to add logo of this teams and appears in menu it will be wonderful
  18. pageski

    pageski Guest

    yes i have test your file and appears my rugby\teams\world stars the flag 1

    i don t know if you know all logo file for not active teams

    i post all

    cornish pirates

    european stars

    north stars

    user 1

    user 2

    user 3

    user F

    world stars

    earth titans

    maories all black


    south stars

    i think don t found other logo for other not active team because don t exist
  19. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    Unfortunately I'm not back at work after a week off so you'll have to do this yourself and ask me if you have any problems.
    World all stars only needed logos added into two fsh files but it seems to be fairly inconsistent what the non-active teams have already (placeholders, correct logos or blanks).
  20. thf2k2

    thf2k2 Guest


    Very good job !
  21. pageski

    pageski Guest

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