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Next Gen, The Only Gen?


Saint N Sinner

As the Next Generation computering comes ever close by the day, I cannot help but think....the Next Gen consoles will be beatable. "Of course they will" your thinking but, if they are THAT damn good, why would the companies want to make another console?

its easy, technology develops and better software and hardware become available.
Yeah. same thing could have been said for our current generation. If you talk to game and hardware developers its easy to see that they are never 100% happy with what they have when its released. Theres always that one thing they can do to it to make it better. But the market demands new products so they release them. I bet the XBOX360 or PS3 developers had the chance they would delay the release even longer but this just isnt a possabillity. Its basically unfeasable, that is why it wont be long after the release of the next gen that new teams of developers will start assembilling togeather to make more ground breaking technology.

I do have to say though that there will be a time where a simple console that conects to a screen will reach a point where it cant get anybetter and there will be a new kind of way to enjoy games. What this is we will have to wait and see but personally i cant wait!! its going to be an exciting 18mnths and lets hope for some 1st class next gen rugby games aye

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