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Next Generation Gaming

Yeah I quite like the PS5 controller - not too keen on the in built microphone though. I know it has a mute button on the controller but then that's just an unnecessary addition as well, for me.

So, Microsoft released what their controller and console will look, even given it pre-release try out by Austin. Although not the finished product. Sony only release the specs and what the controller will look like. Still, I think Sony will still end up winning this generation again if they produce the type of exclusives and this time with a 4K blu-ray player.
We keep hearing about 4k, ray tracing etc but what most interests me with the next gen will be the innovation in games. There must be plenty of companies out there who have great ideas but need better hardware to implement those ideas.

Even simple things like more NPCs can make a big difference. On GTA V on PC the city feels much more alive in single player because there's a lot more traffic and people in the streets than the online mode.

I won't be getting a next gen console but it's good to see them coming.

Also AMD have new laptop APUs that are not only low energy but they can play AAA games. Should be interesting to see how those chips progress in the next few years.
I have a pro much prefer 4k to higher frame rate but I honestly couldn't give a damn about either.

Exclusives is where its at and actual gameplay rather than the system and how it looks or even its specs. This generation the PlayStation in my opinion has been lightyears ahead if that continues I can't see that changing at all.
PS4 has been fantastic. You only have to look at the leap in graphics from UC1-3 to UC4 for the big jump. Game play was still the same. PS5 is said to be backwards compatible to PS4, but to be honest how many PS3 games did i play once i got my PS4. The UC1-3, The Last of Us upgraded to PS4 - 1080p/60frames/sec. The only game i got for PS3 during my PS4 ownership has been RDR. But would have got that on ps4 had it been available.

Do peeps play on their big tv or a monitor? I am going to get another big 4K HDR tv eventually and at that point likely to get the PS5. Playing beautiful big ***le games on a screen at least 55 inch does appeal. And better paying for that then a monitor IMO.
Apparently the SSDs are going to be a game changer. It's not just load times but they'll also be used like RAM so during gameplay they can load up the data super fast. That translates to super detailed worlds with no pop in. Polygon counts are going to be greatly expanded on top of the ray tracing and 4k etc.

The SSDs are what the developers really wanted. It will make it a lot easier for them now. He's were a nuisance to work with and theres talk that HDDs will not be able to handle next generation games so in a year or two SSDs will be a vital piece of hardware for triple A games.

As well as the performance upgrade, games dont take up as much space on SSDs compared to HDDs because they dont need to have the same data repeatedly.

Also rumored on 'Moores law is dead' youtube channel is GTA 6 will be about 10 times bigger than GTA 5.
Yeh, I have seen on Xbox series x the ability to switch between games seamlessly. That was pretty impressive. I read PS5's SDD is the more impressive and faster of the two though.

Right getting a PS5 then.:) Design look really futuristic. The Xbox Series X in comparison just looks Meh.

Looks like they are releasing two versions. One with 4K HDR blu Ray drive and one without. Maybe the latter is the way to go if I am going to break with getting discs and just download games and watch video via streaming. I just don't know how many 4K blu Ray discs I would buy as my broadband connection is pretty good.
Yeah I own literally one Blu-ray, and how long has that tech been out?
Much prefer getting games digitally as well, but they do usually cost more

Super excited for this now - even if they did blueball us by announcing GTAV........again
Well, My family ain't getting any christmas presents from me this year, gotta save up to get this bad boy.
My PS4 is my DVD player (own a few blu-rays) so it'll be the disc for me. Although equally PS4 backwards comptable so those discs need to go into something.

Its interesting Microsft tried to pull this in the last generation to some degree but it wasn't option they wanted you to be always online. Sony appear to be making you chose between the two, with probably a price difference likely $50

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