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Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by Trippy Mushroom, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. AFC North
    Baltimore Ravens - **** for offense except Lewis and Heap, but the best defense with Suggs, Lewis, and Reed.

    Pittsburgh Steelers - Maddox will crumble again but the rookie Roethlisberger will gain some confidence with Plaxico Burress and Hines Ward catching his passes all day. Staley and Bettis will be there to bail him out, along with the Steelers defense.

    Cleveland Browns - One decent receiver for Garcia to throw to with a crappy line blocking for him. Hey at least there not the Bengals!

    Cincinnati Bengals - 'nuff said.

    AFC East
    New England Patriots - The only team with no glaring weaknesses, now with the addition of Corey Dillion. Great year to be a Pats fan.

    Buffalo Bills - Bledsoe will finally have someone other than Moulds to throw the ball too with Lee Evans. McGahee looks to be coming into his own.

    New York Jets - Pennington will hook up with Moss, McCareins, and Chrebet all year but the defense is certainly going to cost them games.

    Miami Dolphins - With the disgrace Ricky Williams quitting, and David Boston destroying his knee, its not a good year to be a Dolfan. The defense will win all there games with names like Thomas, Seau, Madison, Taylor and Surtain.

    AFC South
    Indianapolis Colts - Manning and Harrison will hit some big numbers this year. James will be back to his old self. Lack of defense will cost a few TDs that shouldn't happen.

    Jacksonville Jaguars - Shoddy defense but an offense that is coming into there own with Leftwich having to hand off to Taylor or throw to either Smith or Williams.

    Tennessee Titans - My beloved Titans are screwed this year. With George gone and the lackluster Antowain Smith filling in, our runnnig game is shot. Defense is decent at best. This season all depends on if Steve "Air" McNair can raise the bar and get better (if that's possible). He has some prime targets in Mason, Bennett, Calico and Troupe to throw to.

    Houston Texans - Another season, another 50+ sacks on Carr.

    AFC West
    Kansas City Chiefs - Such talent being so well coached, but lack of defense.

    Denver Broncos - Plummer has targets in Rod Smith and Ashley Lelie to through to. Defense will bail them out a few times.

    Oakland Raiders - HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHAAHhaAHHAAHAHAHAH! The Chokeland Faders will have possible the most washed up talents in the world on there team.

    San Diego Chargers - Can they worse? Suspect defense except for Lassiter and Kiel. LT2 is the only bright spot on this team.

    AFC Wild Card: Ravens over Bills, Broncos over Jag
    Divisional: Pats over Ravens, Colts over Broncos
    Conference: Pats over Colts

    I'll do NFC later, gotta go to rugby practice,
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  3. Not so much a prediction, as a place for me to wield my support for my St. Louis Rams. Thanks for the memories, Warner, good luck in NY.

    Now I just need to find out who the hell else is on the team . . .

    Do we still have Falk? Hell yeah.

    And our ladies:

  4. My predictions?

    A lot of overweight cowards with padding will bore the pants off Dan...
  5. There are entirely too many comments to be made of this statement, and don't think I'll forget it when voting/nominations come up.

    But, you know, whatever floats your boat, Danny boy.
  6. whoever's got the hottest cheerleaders gets my vote.
  7. shiznit

    shiznit Guest

    Im going with my beloved Raiders.
    hopefully Warren Sapp's arrival should shore up the defence.
    although i think were weak on defensive linemen.
    on the offensive side weve lost lincon kennedy but gained robert gallery who's looking like a great young player.
  8. redskins baby
    joe gibbs + clinton portis = super bowl
  9. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    This is NFL, Not the Wayne Rooney and Friends Topic
  10. [​IMG]
  11. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Who will win? I suppose whoever runs the best commercials will, because there's more of that than game time.
  12. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo SNAP!

    That is harsh, man! Sanzy, you is on fire (FIII-YAAAH!)! Dude, you are like a tank, but a tank made of wit. Damn, slow down, dude -- we can't keep up! Whoa! What was that? Aw man, that was just Sanzypants in his big ol tank o' wit! Shazzam! Huzzah! Eegads!

  13. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Jeez thats a bit harsh! You should know by now that it is my duty on this board to seek out and demeen all NFL related topics....
    We simply don't need the sick, degenerative, perverted, overweight, overpaid, unfit, untalented and boring "athletes" to be shown on our televisions or discussed on our sacred rugby boards! .... oh suppose I should end that with a dumbed down "americanism"... how about "DAMMIT"
  14. To quote that 70s show, "that was like eight burns in one sentence..... an octoburn"

    I'm siding with sanzar saying these aren't insults, they're facts.
  15. Yes. I agree whole heartedly and welcome your duty to slam all other sports, especially the NFL.

    Only . . . it is my duty (cause the NFL is American) to make sure you go about it in a refreshing and original way. Don't be so goddamn lazy -- there's loads more creative ways to insult the NFL. Think, man!

    You were approaching something real nice in the response to my RETARD post but lost it at the 'dumbed down americanism 'dammit'' There's nothing dumbed down about Damnit. It's a great word. It echos old school Hollywood types who kicked ass and took names: Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck.

    Talk about abuse of language, how would the Aussies describe something that is passionate and carnal, intensely sensual, and so damn fun it feels great?



    And CRG -- That 70's Show? Come on now, shouldn't you be out training to become a future Canadian International and not be watching that pile o' poo? You'll thank me later.
  16. Come on. That 70s show is funny.
  17. Words cannot describe that comment, CRG.

  18. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Thats a fair comment... I've been getting lazy in my slandering of NFL lately. I'll have to spend more time here [​IMG]
  19. Is that person a man or a woman in your pic CA? [​IMG]
  20. It's Janet Leigh from the film 'Psycho,' the famous shower scene. But I see what you mean, not the most flattering photo of her. How's this:


    And Sanzar, I sincerely look forward to some good NFL slander, in my opinion, it is wholeheartedly welcome. I might even join in with you.
  21. shiznit

    shiznit Guest

    dude, we could say the same thing about the roosters forward pack!! [​IMG]
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