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night matches



how do u select night matches in friendly mode...
i noticed that in some stadiums u can only play in day time only or night only..u cannot select.
Not sure, but i find there aren't enough night matches - particularly in Tournies.
they actually do but you dont notice them, the only way i found out was when the players have four shadows and it looks exactly like a sunny game.....pretty crap differentiation tho
I've played several night matches during tourneys; I guess it's just random. BTW, I played it with the rain and mud- excellent!
Mud and rain is great, not only do u find it difficult to distinguish both teams EA have actually made ball handling a little more difficult. Say if u want to shoulder charge u are more likely to drop the ball in a rainy game. Next year they should have the option to clos theroof for those stadiums that have one. This way there'll be no rain in the second half atleast.
Me too, the number thing is awesome. BOD got hammered the first 40 minutes and when he walked off the pitch, all I could see was a quarter of a 'one'! I laughed, that was VERY cool. I only wish the ball would get dirty... IS THAT SO HARD? [/caps]

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