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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by jyp94, Mar 25, 2008.

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    i play for my school and the seasons ended now. quite a few people go to gyms or play rugby for clubs and i dont wanna lag behind. does anyone have a work out i can do at home?
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  3. Mean Machine

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  4. bullseye

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    Mmm, i tried to do all my work at home...but i never seemed to get the same amount of fitness or weights training in at home...the gym seemed to work me alot more..
  5. chinwaggler

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    it would really be worth going to a gym unless you spent a lot and bought lots of home gym equipment...
  6. danny

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    In the off season you should be planning to drink as much ale as you can and forget about Rugby.
  7. KiwiBlack

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    umm...i dont know how to post document so i just copy and pasted my off season training (the bodyweights part anyway)...btw this was done in conjuction with gym sessions and cardio work... (every 2nd day)

    Warm Up and Stretch

    3 min Aerobic
    Hamstring 20sec
    Quadriceps 20 sec
    Gluteal 20 sec
    Groin 20sec
    Calfs 20sec
    Chest 20sec
    Shoulders 20sec
    Burpie active movement x 10
    Boxing on spot (abs on) 2 x 30sec

    Body Weight Program
    Each exercise 20sec ON, 20sec OFF (repeat twice)

    1. Push Ups
    - back straight, shoulders-hips-knees-ankles all in line
    - abdominals on
    - hands flat @ shoulder width, feet at shoulder width
    - lower chest to ground (inhale)
    - push up, arms straight (exhale)

    2.a. Modified Push Up
    - backstraight, shoulders- hips in line
    - knees bent on ground
    - hands flat @ shoulder width
    - lower chest to ground (inhale)
    - push up, arms straight (exhale)

    2. Tricep Dips
    - hands on bench
    - feet out on ground
    - legs straight, abdominals on
    - lower hips toward ground
    - elbow to 90 (inhale)
    - extend elbow and raise hips up (exhale)

    3. Lunges
    - feet start together
    - one foot steps out (approx 60 – 100cm)
    - back straight, chest out, abdominals on
    - hips drop between two feet (inhale)
    - back knee must bend
    - front knee can not go past line of toes
    - extend front knee and push foot back to start position (exhale)

    4. Chin Ups
    - pronated or overhand grip
    - back straight, knees bent, feet behind
    - abdominals on
    - arms fully extended
    - pull the body up so chin raises above bar, flex at elbows (exhale)
    - lower body to arms extended

    5.a. Modified Chin Up
    - as above
    - raise body as much as possible (an attempt)

    5. One Leg Squat
    - one foot on bench, other on ground (slightly infront of hips)
    - back straight, chest out, abdominals on
    - lower hips and bend at front knee, lower back knee (inhale)
    - front knee not past line of toes
    - extend front knee (exhale)

    6. Skipping
    - straight body
    - hop on toes, only short hops
    - hands swing rope at regular rhythm
    - abdominals on

    7. One Leg Step Ups
    - place one foot on bench, knee at approx 90
    - back straight, chest out, abdominals on
    - extend at bend knee, raise body up till leg is straight (exhale)
    - inhale as knee flexes and body lowers

    8. Jumps Squats
    - feet shoulder width apart
    - toes slightly point out
    - bum out, chest out, abdominals on, head back eyes high
    - flex at knees and hips to 90 bend in knees (inhale)
    - extend at knees & hips and jump out of squat position (exhale)
    - land on toes
    - settle and repeat

    Abdominal Work Out

    9. Elbow Supports – 10 x 15sec
    - elbows at 90, elbow joint under shoulder joint
    - shoulders-hips-knees ankles in straight line
    - hold this position and tense abdominals
    - on relax, lower body onto ground

    11. Abdominal Crunches – 4 x 15
    - on back, knees & feet up off ground
    - hands beside ears or crossed over chest
    - crunch up (exhale) shoulder to come off ground
    - lower shoulders back down (inhale)
    - eyes look straight up

    12. Oblique Crunches – 4 x 15
    - on back, knees & feet up off ground
    - hands beside ears or crossed over chest
    - crunch up (exhale) shoulder to come off ground, twist to side of knees
    - lower shoulders back down (inhale) eyes look straight up
    - repeat and twist to other side

    13. V-Sit Up – 4 x 15
    - on back, legs straight, feet vertical
    - hands out in front
    - crunch so hands go towards toes (exhale)
    - shoulders off ground, hands don’t have to touch toes
    - lower shoulders down (inhale)


    15. Static Stretches
    2 x 20sec each stretch




    Lower Back





  8. danny

    danny Guest

    ******** to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. goranski

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    one-legged squat! that's hardcore...
  10. o'dave

    o'dave Guest

    As a health professional I must condone that training regime in the stongest manner. I follow it myself as much as possible with the addition of the occasional Ginsters at 2am.

    To be honest if you;re still playing at school weights are essential - useful and safe and effective if done right with guidance, but you could defintely keep your hand in by useing your own body weight. Some things are much easier using weights - eg developing leg strength (unless you want to spend all day running up steep hills with big rucksacks) but dont understimate the old push up, pull up body weight exercises. Not many people can lift their own body weight on a lat pull down so pull ups are hard core.

    Don;t just buy weights and use at home unless you know what you;re doing - get some instruction first from your coach or someone at a gym.

    If you want more specific advice on a training session for you or drinking ale let me know and i'll give you a hand
  11. punisher

    punisher Guest

    This is the workout our team does when we are away from any equipment. It's called the television workout because you should be able to do it during the course of a standard television program.
    Television Workout
    10 explosive push-ups (where your hands actually come off the ground due to the upward force. Rocky claps his hands after each one)
    25 situps
    15 burpees (aka squat-thrusts)
    10 explosive push-ups
    25 situps (quickly touch left elbow to right knee, then right elbow to
    left knee each time up)
    15 burpees
    25 regular push-ups
    10 leg raises Lay on ground, lift legs 6-12 inches off the ground, hold for one minute.
    10 push-ups with hands close set so your thumbs touch and your forefingers touch (making a diamond in between)
    15 Mountain climbers
    10 elevated push-ups (feet on floor, hands on chair or coffee table)

    You can get a pretty good full-body workout with mostly body weight exercises. I'd suggest you buy a pull-up bar and a set of adjustable dumbells. With that, you can craft a complete body workout that will get you in rugby shape.

    I also highly suggest "The Men's Health Home Workout Bible" by Lou Schuler & Michael Mejia. It's full of various exercises and tips to help you craft the perfect workout. I've also found various U.S. Navy Seals workout books helpful, but they pretty much come down to running, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and swimming. Check your local library, they probably have some workout book based on the military training exercises.

    I have gone to this method of at-home training and am getting into the best form of my life. I find myself with more actual strength that the gym rats who look like bodybuilders. Rugby is all about usable strength. In that sense, it's more similar to the military requirements, so that's the model I followed.

    The No Gym Workout
    Military Workouts
    Bodyweight Workout
    "No Gym Required" Workout
    The Men's Health Home Workout Bible

    Check the links below on how to construct a sandbag to work out. I used small kitchen trash bags filled with about 5 pounds of sand each, double bagged and knotted. Those small bags went into a large, heavy-duty trash bag. Then that went into a small military dufflebag. You can do squats and most Olympic lifts with the sandbag, and it will work out your stabilizer muscles as well. If you do not already have perfect technique on the Olympic lifts (clean & jerk and the snatch) I'd suggest not doing the sandbag part. While it is greatly beneficial, it can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

    The Sandbag Construction kit
    No Time to Exercise? Well, Just Sandbag it!
    total body workout using a military bag full of sand
    Effective Sandbag Training
  12. I switch how I work out at home in my bedroom with no access to my schools Gym during the two months of summer I got myself a little training routine that works well. I made myself a 30lb medicine ball out of an old basketball, sand, sawdust and rice. It's great for jumping squats and core exercises, jumping squats along with my regular heavy squat workouts at the gym really does good for the legs (haven't been able to do much though because of a knee injury). I use 45lb dumbells for shoulder shrugs and standing pushes for my shoulders, 10 and 20 lb dumbells for my biceps and triceps, I don't want giant biceps or triceps like most guys, I just want strong ones that won't get me tired. I made myself a head brace for working my neck and I do towel pulls daily, after three months my neck is getting all around solid and is 19 inches in circumference. I like to do a lot of stretching and sprints in our yard, training to play prop forward I don't really need breakaway speed IMO just the ability to be able to accelerate in a short amount of time and steps to make tackles. For Cardio I do a lot of shadow boxing in the garage along with muay thai punch, kick and knee combinations for ten rounds of two minutes.

    It might not be a traditional workout by any means but it works for me and I guess that's what matters, as long as what you're doing works for you and keeps you feeling strong, thats what matters. It will be nice to have access to the gym again where I can use all the machines and weights though, I won't lie.
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