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Being in America it has been hard getting any kind of help financially to promote the sport in my small area where football and basketball are king. I am a teacher living in this small town in North Carolina with a very low income base. One thing I kept repeating to myself while I played the sport of Rugby Union is I wish I could have played this sport in High School or even started younger. This nagging question pushed me into coaching rugby.

When I started to coach I worked with a women's college team for 3 years while finishing my teaching degree. I then moved to North Carolina to teach at a middle school and coached whatever sport they gave me. I coached football and soccer for 2 years at the same time I created the Hoke Hurricanes Youth Rugby Football Club Non-Profit Organization. I have finished all of my coaching credentials with USA Rugby and will be attending the youth conference on Dec. 8th-10th and development camp soon.

We have a good number of kids out this year. I have decided to try a different angle to see if I could jump start this program this year to get the equipment we need by attracting a global Rugby Union Market.

Please read our sponsor letter:

Dear Supporter:
The Hoke Hurricanes Youth Rugby Football Club is starting its Annual Support Drive this winter for the boys and girls upcoming spring, summer and fall seasons. Previous contributions have provided travel expenses as well as paid for the clubs yearly dues to USA Rugby and built a new website:


On the website is a link in the top right corner you can donate through your PayPal account or a credit card. This money goes to provide a rugby sports program for after-school kids in December 2006 and finishing in December 2007.

This program was started 2 year ago for the high school boys, we now have a girls team and a middle school group beginning this year.

In the past, we have raised funds through car washes, raffles and small community donations. Our goal this year is to raise enough to buy a scrum sled and replace some uniforms. Our travel expenses will be close to $1,200 dollars again this year, we are hoping with your help to meet our needs and future growth.

Thank you for your support.

Coach Harry King
Hurricane Youth Rugby Football Club

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