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Nonu not allowed to play for Wellington, or club games


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Feb 22, 2005
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so he has had to resort to playing social games instead. I heard something about this last week but wasnt too sure about it as I couldnt find any hard evidence, but here you go. He isnt allowed to play for Wellington or any club team because he is registered for his sabattical in japan after the world cup. its quite a strange situation to be in for him. He can still play for the all blacks though, its weird.

What do you guys think of this strange senario?
That is pretty odd - you would've thought he'd be able to sign for a month or two at least

Odd to see him get a run out at 10 though!
the All Black turned the tide, setting up five tries and kicking all the conversions – one with his left foot.
There's your back up to DC then! :p
from reports I was hearing last week on the radio, part of the clause in his Japan contract made it so he couldnt play ITM or club rugby, i think it was weird as well as it cuts down on his game time, though it makes less chance of him being injured for his Japan club.

or something like that.
It's rubbish, there are so many players leaving to France, UK, Japan that have already signed their contract and 95% of them is playing ITM.
yeah i am sure he did, he would have cleared it with NZRFU before he signed, its just a weird situation. we also dont know all the ins and outs of the contracts.

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