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copied from www.beverleyrufc.co.uk

For those that were not able to attend the evening at Beverley RFC where the North 1 Prophet's awards were announced here are the results. I am hoping I can get a bit more publicity in Rugby World and a boost to the donation to 'The Wooden Spoon Society'. More of that next week.

North 1 Prophets

North 1 Player of The Year


1. David Worrall - Beverley RFC
2. Katilimoni Tuipulotu - New Brighton RFC
3. Marcus Coast - Caldy RFC

David Worrall

North 1 Most Valuable Player


1. Katilimoni Tuipulotu - New Brighton RFC
2. Simon Mason - Caldy RFC
3. Anthony Posa - Beverley RFC

Simon Mason Caldy RFC

North 1 Prophets Team of The Year

1. Graham Nesbitt - Westoe RFC
2. Shaun Cross - Beverley RFC
3. Matt Holt - Caldy RFC
4. Chris Murphy - Hull RFC
5. Paul White - Caldy RFC
6. Fraly Hopa - Beverley RFC
7. David Worrall - Beverley RFC
8. Katilimoni Tuipulotu - New Brighton RFC

9. Wayne Morris - Alt Kersal RFC
10. Anthony Posa -Beverley RFC (Capt)

11. Luke Ladell- Kendal RFC
12. Marcus Coast- Caldy RFC
13. Sean Woof - Caldy RFC
14. John Ladell - Kendal RFC

15. Simon Mason - Caldy RFC

17. Chris Johnson - Huddersfield
18. Tim Carney - Beverley RFC
19. Derek Salisbury - Caldy RFC

David Worrall received his cup on the night. Simon Mason's cup has been despatched to him

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