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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Gaetan, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Gaetan

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    Bonjour to All
    I'm quite interested at following this team. Ten Canadian players will be part of this adventure. But since I'm of the french part of Canada (province of Quebec) I did not quite understand all that have been writen about it.
    What is really a fixture? Are they what the French call Test Match, or what I would call exhibition games? I mean, will the win and lost be counted in a Table?
    Thanks to All in advance, you guys have been very instructive each time I did ask anything.
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  3. RC

    RC Guest

    Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I'd never even heard of this team until you'd brought it up.
    So i looked into it.
    RGC 1404 - Rygbi Gogledd Cymru (North Wales Rugby) and the 1404, from what i remember in history was when owain glyndwr was crowned...or some kind of jazz like that.
    Now then, I have absolutely no idea in what league they'll play. I doubt there even will be one for them, by the looks of things, it just sounds like a chance to develop rugby in north wales.
    I've read nothing about 10 canadians being in the team (not saying there aren't), but that would also seem counter-productive to me, when they're trying to develop the rugby in north wales...not north america.
    It is not an international stage, Gaetan, so it's not a test match or exhibition match. It's club rugby, the matches are just matches and the fixtures or just the order of the games they're playing detailing who the opponents will be and when the match will be played.

    But there seems to be a fair few clubs co-operating and will to play a couple of matches against RGC 1404 (what a stupid bloody name, btw), so here's the fixtures list: -

    Friday 15 Jan v Leicester Tigers Development XV, Parc Eirias
    Wed 20 Jan v Antiassassins (Chester), away
    Sat 30 Jan v Glamorgan Wanderers, away
    2 / 3 Feb v Scarlets, Llandovery RFC
    Wed 17 Feb v Worcester, Parc Eirias
    Wed 23 Feb v Sale Jets, Parc Eirias
    Wed 10 March v Leeds, Parc Eirias
    Fri 19 March v Oxford University, Parc Eirias
    Sat 17 April v Cross Keys, Parc Eirias
    23/24 April v Dragons, Parc Eirias
  4. dullonien

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    There is plans for 10 Canadians to bolster the squad in the short term. These numbers will reduce year on year, as the academy is hopefully improved and local North Walian players replace the departing Canadians.

    It's a good idea imo, that will hopefully help kick start this Rugby Cumru region (yep the RGC 1404 is a stupid name), and give some experience for quality rugby for some Canadian players.
  5. Yakob

    Yakob Guest

    yes there are a few that have just come over and start to play, RGC 1404 are playing against The Royal Navey next wednesday. it will be good :)
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