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Northampton Saints News -Clarke signs on for three more years


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Seriously, I thought we'd actually changed it so you could embed HTML in most places.

Really glad coz he was one of the players I was a bit worried about as he has an International future ahead of him and stuff. Really pleased.
Very lucky, to keep him. Unlike us when we whent down, all are good players left.
Very lucky to keep him unlike us when we whent down all are good players left

Must...not...comment...on...grammar... :wall:

When Bristol went down you had a lot of Argies, and to be honest had/have nowhere near the infrastructure which is in place at Northampton.

While nobody is taking anything for granted, it would be a shock if we remained in NL1 for more than a season. Players will sign new contracts with the knowledge that if they are loyal to the club then better times are just around the corner.
Great thing for Jon Clarke, probably one of the best outside centres I've ever seen. If he can stay injury free, he'll be an asset to his club and country.
great news for Northampton, but im sure he'll go if they dont make it up next season, he must have a clause...

but im sure they will go straight back up, they have Lamont :)

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