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Northampton Saints Thread

and then never come back?

You're more likely to see players drop out and never return, and senior players brought in from abroad, tbh - at the moment academy players go out on loan to champ/nat league sides but still train with the main squad so can step up
Look at Asher stepping up when we had injuries to Schonert and Harper - would he even still be at Sale if we had such strict numbers seeing as we had two senior tightheads and Harper as the transitional one between senior/academy
Not if the number of games was restricted to say 18 per season plus play offs.
The game needs to be more aware of the quality over quantity issue.
For us saints fans on here there is saints fans pod cast available. Made by three fans and worth a listen. It's been weekly at the moment.

Final weekend is upon us :cool:
Fissler is reporting that we're after a 12/13 ASAP! Presumably as cover for Odendaal.

Wrong time of year to start looking I fear!
With the Rebels just having gone under - may be some plundering to be done. [/bath]
Current centres are:

Dingwall, Stephenson, Odendaal and Litchfield.

We also had other players as cover who have left (like Matavesi).

Stephenson was in a boot at the end of this season as well so maybe he's not going to be fully recovered over the summer.
Stephenson? Didn't he leave in 2018?

Odendaal was in a full leg brace and on crutches after the final. Instagram photos showed him in hospital.
If Fissler doesn't have a name it's filler.
That's my rule of thumb

since most clubs are being thin with their squad the amount of info Fissler gets is limited and just saying he needs to eat somehow
Saints newsletter came out yesterday stating they still have two signings to announce.

I wonder if they are based in France so waiting until their season is done.

I'm guessing there is a tight head lock signing and a centre.
Fissler is reporting that we're after a 12/13 ASAP! Presumably as cover for Odendaal.

Wrong time of year to start looking I fear!
Maybe the wrong time but Saints will have alot of pull atm as prem champions and playing an attractive brand of rugby. So maybe not too bad.
Rumour going round we've signed George smith a lock from Coventry. I'll have to have a google as I know nothing about him.
Appears that he's had a crack at the NFL's IPP. As part of that training, ended up being 6ft 9 and 22st 7lbs (from the Sun - I know, I disgust myself!)
Meafou is 6ft 8, 22st 11lbs
Skelton is 6ft 8, 21st 4lbs

(according to Wiki)
So the overall squad for next season is looking like this at the moment, guessing i'm missing some senior academy players. We also look like at LH in the main squad and maybe too many locks now (two signings all of a sudden).


Courtney Lawes
Lewis Ludlam
Alex Waller
Ethan Waller
Paul Hill
Alex Moon
Tom Cruse
Callum Braley
Joel Matavesi
Kayde Sylvester
Geordie Irvine
George Patten
Aston Gradwick-light
Mathew Arden
Nick Tarr
James Grayson
Sam Matavesi

Tom West
Josh Kemeny
Luke Green
Fyn Brown
Archie Benson
Charlie Savala
George Nakepeace-Cubitt
George Smith
Callum Hunter-Hill

Snr Academy Intake
Aiden Ainsworth-Cave
Tom Dye
Louis Haley
Billy Pasco
Ollie Scola
Sonny Tonga'uiha
Jonny Weimann
Rafe Witheat

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