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Northampton Saints Vs London Irish


Saint N Sinner

Northampton Vs London Irish, Preview

Saturday 15th October 2005

Guinness Premiership

“London Irish and their fans are always welcome to Franklin’s Gardens as they are a good bunch of people, despite their drums and wigs!â€

Since Northampton defeated Newport last Saturday in front of the Franklin’s faithful and many Welsh. There has been a great buzz about the place, maybe it’s the fact that we stuffed them 32 points to 7. Naaaaa…that couldn’t be it, probably the fact that we wiped the floor with the welsh, exploiting every aspect of the game, and the boot of Carlos Spencer was simply magic for platform building downfield, and with the backs like Ben Cohen, Sean Lamont, Bruce and co. The Welsh didn’t stand much chance.

Now, I have to move on from last week to bore you with something else. Our next opponents [cough] victims [cough], sorry there must have been something in my throat, anyway…. London Irish.

We haven’t had much luck with Irish, especially at home but what seems strange is that we seem to perform away more than we do at home. Well, this season is going to be different; we are going to do the double. It won’t be easy but it will be done…well, hopefully.

With the likes of Sam Harding, David Gerard, Steve Thompson, Dan Richmond, Tom Smith etc, the whole team is getting a peace of the ball, and without these guys we won’t have a chance at all.
They proved the Welsh wrong last week, and now they are going to do the same to the Irish. Well, thats the plan anyway.

Since the dreaded Powergen Cup final, only 3-4 years ago, the curse still lives on. Well being beaten in a cup final in front of thousands and thousands of fans is not something you want to remember, and the score line wasn’t doing us many favours either, seen as it was [gulp] 37-9. Yes, it still hurts.

But, however. The team looks set to put the past behind them and show what they can do, as you would of guessed if you have seen them in action the last couple of weeks.
I am not hesitating to say this, but there is something special in this side, and I haven’t been this excited since, well…never. I hope everyone else is getting ready as the side look to beat the Irish (finally) and send a message to all the doubters out there. [Cough] Lardy [Cough]
I mean after all, up to now the team as a whole have scored 100 points from the last 6 games. Some would say that’s nothing but we are extremely confident, as 78 points have come from Kingsholm, Sixways, and Newport at home. (Not ALL-bad news then)

London Irish on the other hand are in my opinion, looking weaker every year. Slipping a place or two every season.
The Exiles have had a bit of a shake up with Brian Smith coming in as director of rugby and plenty of new signings, and with the French international back-row player Olivier Magne, in the squad, we will have to be on form.

Any hopes that London Irish had of progressing in this years PG cup where thrown to the gauntlet as Saracens beat them 32 points to 13 last weekend, and I am sure they will try to forget it. I mean, who wouldn’t?

They have a pretty good side from what I can see, and I am sure they won’t hold back against us next Saturday, its just whether or not the world class team, that is Northampton can perform like they did last week, and in my opinion…a international side.

(Teams to be announced still)

If last week is anything to go by, then I think Northampton will destroy London Irish with a 5 point win, and move up the table, much deservedly.

London Irish will want to move on from the fiasco of a match, i.e. Saracens. And claim victory here once again.

Northampton will not let anything go easily if they continue to improve there performance, but London Irish will want to come back with something. My thoughts are that…I don’t know, maybe…30 points to 15 maybe?

Its going to be a great match either way, and hopefully the men in BG&G can make there way back up the GP.

Come on You Saints!!!

Written by Air Ben/Saintsfan24_7

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