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Northampton v Biarritz - Pool 6


An Tarbh

Biarritz are on the verge of history this Sunday if they take the full points on offer at Franklins Gardens. They'll become the first team to go through the pool stage and take maximum points and guarantee the top seed spot and a home quarter final in San Sebastien.

Northampton know that a win by 4 tries and denying Biarritz a bonus will see them top the pool and likely secure a home quarter final for themselves.
So that's record breaking beer and chips to win their last ever pool game in the HEC...
I'm can't go.

Last home match I couldn't go to, we won.

The words 'straws' and 'clutching' spring to mind.
Someone tell me how a team can dominate an entire game yet finish with a scoreline which makes them look crap.

Oh, how correct I was with my rant last week.

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