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Northampton v Newcastle



Newcastle have a tough visit to Northampton, to contend with on this opening weekend... I feel this will be a tough encounter but will see the Home Side being victorious...

Alot of Interest in this game on the TRF as we have a congregation of Northampton fans who will be at Franklin's Gardens.

With Newcastle being a team tipped for the Drop by many fans, they will be looking to get their season off to a winning start, but feel they will fail...

My prediction for this is Northampton by 12 or more
Mouth-watering battle of Spencer vs Wilkinson at 10. Which with his current match sharpness, and the potential of the team around him, I can see the Kiwi coming out on top of.

There is also the possibility of Noon and Tait being paired in the Newcastle centres, although Tait did not play in the Falcon's latest friendly. Could be interesting to see a current England 13 go head to head with a man many have been tipping to wear that shirt in the future, Jon Clarke.

And an extra side note - Robbie Morris to get his arse handed to him by Tom Smith/Pat Barnard/Tiny/Chicken, depending on who ends up playing loose-head for us.

Saints by 10.
Saint's will embaress a rudderless Newcastle, but at least have the decency to **** on their burning corpses before the Faclons are dropped 6 ft into the 1st division.

Saints by 200.
Originally posted by Teh Mite@Aug 28 2006, 12:37 PM
Saint's will embaress a rudderless Newcastle
I thought Rudd was playing for Newcastle this season...

Worst joke ever, I'm very bored you have to understand that. :ph34r:

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