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Northampton v Parma - Pool 6


An Tarbh

Saints are in the same position in that they can still lose to Biarritz and be virtually assured of qualification as a best runner-up thanks to the fortunate presence of Parma and Borders.

Given that Biarritz are strong travellers, particularly in the latter stages of the pool then Saints will need the maximum haul from their remaining 2 games to secure their qualification starting at home to Parma this Saturday.
Saints team has been named:

15 Paul Diggin
12 Robbie Kydd
11 Chris Wyles
10 Ian Vass
3 Pat Barnard
4 Matt Lord (capt)
5 Christian Short
8 Daniel Browne

16 Dylan Hartley
18 Damien Browne/DAVID GERARD
19 Mark Easter
20 Ben Lewitt
21 Darren Fox
22 Johnny Howard

We really are in a bit of a state, having to put one of the most creative fly halves in the game at centre while a scrum half wears the 10 shirt. And only one back on the bench - suprised we don't use the opportunity to blood a couple of younger guys.

Still don't expect anything less than 5 points though, we can't afford any other result.
Didn't catch any highlights from this game last week, but how did Spencer go in the centre?
Didn't catch any highlights from this game last week, but how did Spencer go in the centre?

Didn't see any of the game either, but he can't have done too badly, scoring after just 5 minutes. Also shows confidence that he was kept at 13 even when Myler was taken off through injury.

Not the most difficult of opposition though of course, not sure if I'd want to see him stay there if we were playing a team with better quality backs - his tackling isn't usually up to much.
Should be a good game, 5 points, plenty of tries (please!)
We have lost sooooo many backs because of injuries, what are we going to do if we lose another one? We will be in serious trouble, i mean Johnny Howard is the only replacement back as it is.
I think Carlos did fine at 13, but by the look of his diary post he much prefers playing at 10 and he would like to get back there ASAP.
Oh well, looking forward to it :D
With Johnny Howard as the only girl on the bench, you could almost say we don't have any replacement backs.

Still, maybe Lewitt will be able to show some of his 7s ability when he has to come on for the enevitable injury.
Job done for the Saints, 5 point haul, runner-up spot still well and truly their's for the taking.
What a dull match.

We never looked like losing, but never had any confidence in our backs either.

At least we got the main objective - 5 points.
I was drunk by the time the game kicked off. I remember very little.

Still, we won. yay.
Game wasn't particualarly thrilling, i did actually spend half the match watching the grass grow. Lots and lots and lots of interesting grass to watch, mainly while there was 10 mins of collapsing scrums.
Oh well, came out with what we needed, 5 points, and no broken necks.
Little Digger was really being trampled on rather a lot yesterday!